Ski And Snowboard Goggles

Ski and snowboard glasses to protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays and wind.

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Ski glasses – optimal view with different weather conditions on the ski slope

Ski glasses are an important part of your ski equipment because you always give you a clear view of all weather conditions. For your rapid departures or cool stunts with snowboard and skis, the equipment will provide you with unique feature and protect your eyes from disturbing influences. The different models of the brands are very stylish and offer a thoughtful technical performance. Because they protect you with intensive sunlight and can be comfortably weared with a ski helmet together. Practical ventilation systems prevent the fog, special coatings prevent scratching and various filter categories in the glasses provide optimal views in adverse weather conditions. Because this stands for your safety and for unobstructed driving pleasure, no matter if you are in the ski park, on the slopes or rather the trails along.

Ski glasses – high comfort for optimal view

High-quality ski goggles make a unique comfort safe, because nothing pushes. They lie up in all areas of your face and cause no pressure points for prolonged because adaptive foam paddings are present. For the right seat also ensures the eyewear tape, which can be set exactly on the head circumference. Important is a clear view provided by a large, glare-free field of view. Modern ski glasses have a special glass that prevents a strong distortion of the image in the edge area. They are also scratch-resistant and it is fully mirrored. In addition, a perfect UV protection is offered to protect your eyes optimally. Due to the integrated ventilation and antifog coating, your ski goggles will never be misted. But you can also choose a model with double discs. To be prepared against all weather conditions, it is worth taking back on glasses, where the glasses automatically adapt to the different lighting conditions. Because lightning fast the fog dissolves on and glittering sunshine reflects on the slopes in the snow and influences your view.

Ski glasses: stylish design with high safety aspect

When skiing, there are two components, namely the style look and security that are connected to the equipment. The color of the glasses has less a fashionable aspect. A gray or brown tint is ideal for Greater sun. If these are also provided with mirroring, keep even more solar radiation. Yellow and oranes reinforce the contrasts in snowfall, so you better recognize bumps on the slopes. For glasses, there are special variants with an extra-mass indoor volume, so they are easily wearable over the glasses. Additional features complete the stylish design of the ski glasses and your safety optimally.

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