Ski And Snowboard Helmet

Ski And Snowboard Helmets

It is very important that you wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding. Especially when you ride outside the safe slopes. If you collide with a hard object, the helmet can save lives.

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The ski helmet – you should pay attention to this

So that ski helmets are safe, the right seat of the helmet is extremely important. You should know your head circumference and make sure that the helmets do not slip when you move your head. Also, it is important to select the appropriate chin band that is ideally padded. A neither too tight, nor to further seat and high wearing comfort are important. High-quality ski helms usually have a security certificate consist of two layers to guarantee optimal protection. Just as the hardshell helmets, which are soft and softly manufactured outside. But there is also the so-called “inmoulding method”, in which outer and inner shell are fixed together either by injecting or welding the EPS foam. The advantage is that this type of helmets is very lightweight. However, this often lacks a suitable ventilation system. And last but not least, you should make sure that the closure can also be easily opened with thick ski gloves.

The special features of a ski helmet

Each sport has helmets especially manufactured for you. Ski helmets are characterized by a sophisticated air conditioning system compared to other helmets. While climbing helmets protect against rockfall in particular, the ears are covered in some ski poles for fast departures. These models whose outer shell is extended on the sides call themselves full shell helmets. Half shell helmets, however, are suitable for rides with moderate speed and protect the forehead, rear, and upper head. Just as well as all sports helmets have a hard outer shell, e.g. made of plastics such as carbon, ABS or polycarbonate, and a soft inside, mostly made of EPS foam. Incidentally, there are hardly outstanding functional differences between ski and snowboarders. However, the boarders are often more demanding in terms of design, which leads to snowboarding helmets in addition to trend colors and visual accents also various extras, such as. Built-in headphones. Further tools and accessories for your winter equipment can be found in our wide-ranging online offer.

Ski helmets for every occasion

For safe fun in the snow, Campers shop, for example, are particularly light helmets, which, thanks to an aramid bridge system, do not meet the highest security standards. In addition to a well-thought-out ventilation system, innovative technologies such as the Polygiene® technology can be used, which offers an odor-inhibiting function. Also for extreme outdoor situations in the area ski you can find the right head protection. So some models come with an outer shell made of impact-resistant special plastic and with an integrated EPS shock absorber inside. Of course, a complete protective gear is not just a led helmet. Just like the ski helmets themselves, ski clothing & accessories are also matched to the activity at cold temperatures.

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