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Here you will find different skis and snowboard backpacks of various manufacturers. We pay attention to the highest quality and long durability when selecting our products, even with high stress.

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Ski backpack: companion up and off the piste

Application of ski backpacks

Basically, a ski backpack has significantly more features than a Daypack. Depending on the equipment, some ski backpacks are specialized in different winter sports: an avalanche backpack increases on ski and freeride tours in an emergency to remain the chance to stay on the surface of an avalanche – even if he does not necessarily have to be “correct”. Ski backpacks, which are equipped with a back protector, can serve great services, especially freeriders in dareding lines and jumps.

Anyone who is mainly competitive and passionately likes to deny ski touring races, will focus on a light, small skull backpack. Here are avalanche airbag or protector only a disturbing more weight. And who occasionally ironed in the ski resort about the slopes, has another claim to his ski backpack: it should keep room for snack, changing clothes and drink.

For any winter tours, snowboarding bags are also suitable, which differ mostly from the design from ski backpacks.

What capacity has a ski backpack?

In terms of volume, a ski backpack usually moves between 25 and 35 liters. For backpacks, which are used specifically for ski tour races, the capacity can be significantly reduced again. Because here the athlete feels every additional 100 grams. Skurucksacks over 45 liters are also available, but are rarely.

What advantages does a ski backpack offer its carrier?

Ski backpacks are basically due to their perfect fit. Since they are close to the body, they offer good freedom of movement while skiing, freerid and ski touring. Thanks to robust materials and a variety of fastening loops for skis and split board, freeriders have a long-lasting and practical partner on the back – even if the ski has to be cut off.

Ski Backpacks designed for ski tours and freeriders, additionally offer special compartments for the avalanche blade, avalanche probe and the LVS device. Some models are also compatible with drinking systems and partly already equipped with a drinking hose insulation.

Avalanche backpacks are equipped with an airbag, which in the case of an avalanche departure reducing the load depth of the ski portplast and to increase its priority chances. How much high quality ski backpack should be ready for standard: with an emergency pipe at the chest strap!

What’s better: ski backpacks with or without protectors?

Whether the own ski backpack with back protectors should be equipped or whether this special protection is necessary for the back or not depends on several factors. Among other things, from the field of application, the driving, the slopes of the ski conditions but also from the terrain. A back protector may not have a must, but a valuable protection for the back, should happen something.

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