Ski Socks

It is very important that you wear special ski socks when skiing or during snowboarding. The socks keep your feet warm and also absorb shocks through the ski slope.

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Ski socks for the perfect winter holiday

At the latest when the snow falls and he covers the mountain peaks slowly, but safely, then it will be time for you to plan the next ski holiday. Rent or do I buy a few skis this year? Do I have matching ski glasses? Do I also need new ski boots, if I give myself new skis? And above all: Do I even own the right ski clothing? All these are questions that you are usually giving you the planning of your skiing holiday. Especially when choosing the ski venues for ladies, men and children, it is important to inform you in advance what ski clearing is particularly well supported by your departures. Anyone who has ever driven skis, who knows that, for example, the right ski socks for driving comfort are very important – because the sock is not the same ski cream. So that you can find the matching socks for your foot in the campers shop online shop, we have put together some tips for you here.


It depends on ski socks

Ski socks, like that of Falke, provide for a comfortable wearing comfort in your ski boots, counteract cold feet and transport the sweat that arises when driving quickly to the outside. A lot of advantages that you should not refrain from skiing. But what do you have to pay attention to the purchase of a ski cream for men and ladies?

When selecting the sock size, you should definitely note that the socks should protrude via the edge of the boot to avoid pressure points. Nevertheless, you must not slip and wrinkle! Especially on the heel and in the area of toes, you should go tightly without pressing.

We offer you a large assortment of socks of popular brands, such as X-socks, Falke and McKinley, which best support you with your ski adventure. Especially the brand Falke is very popular with regard to ski socks – ladies and gentlemen can be found at Campers shop alike a large assortment. If you are looking for hawk ski socks, then you will certainly find that they are available in a variety of versions (SK). We’ll betray you below what it has with the hawk SK statement.

Ski socks of Falke are usually cut knee high and offer you comfortable wearing comfort due to your anatomical fit and warming rogue mixture. Our tip: Trying the ski resins directly directly with the ski boot to avoid surprises. To prevent aching places on the feet, many ski resins for women and men’s upholstery, which act like protectors. There are upholstery in different strengths. The SK1 model has a very strong protective pad and a high level of comfort. This is especially suitable for occasion drivers. The Hawk SK2, however, has a medium upholstery with toe box and is therefore very good for the most diverse departures of leisure skiers. For sporty drivers, the SK4 models, which have a lighter protective cushion than the Falke SK2 models, are suitable and thus give them high control and good power transmission. SK5 socks have an extra slight upholstery and maximum control and power transmission. These are perfect for competitions. The SK6 models are also designed for competitions and also convince with an ultra-light protective pad.

So you nourish your ski socks right

If you were on the track all day with the ski on the slopes, your gentlemen and ladies skistrüüüüürpfe must of course sooner or later in the laundry. It makes sense if you guide yourself after the individual manufacturer’s recommendation of your socks, as the different models and their materials may require different care. If no manufacturer’s recommendation is available, you can wash the socks at about 30 degrees in the ganglash with fine or wool detergent. In the best case, you do not use a fabric softener and then dry the skirts on a clothesline. If you turn the socks to the left before washing them, the ski socks can be better cleaned by skin tags. With reasonable care of your socks, you can be sure that the high quality stays and you accompany you for a long time.


Discover the large selection of ski socks for men and women at

At the Campers-Shop store you will find online a wide selection of socks for ladies, men and children of brands like Falke, X-socks or McKinley. So that you are safe in your ski while you make the slope unsafe and also look good, you offers intersports many different color variations. Whether you prefer blue, a classic black, a striking rose, or red your favorite color is – at Campers-Shop you will find it. Discover unbeatable offers and provide you from head to toe professionally.

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