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When skiing, the ski sticks belong to the basic equipment in addition to the skis and ski gloves as well as ski goggles. But the question often arises as to which is the right stick for me. There are now models for men and women as well as for children, which often differ in weight and of course in size. But there are also a few other criteria that ensure good performance on the mountain. The ski stick is an essential aid for downhill skiing as well as for cross-country skiing, touring or the backcountry, especially for optimal stabilization and for movement. The paired sticks support the sequence of movements and balance control, and they also help with standing up, pushing and supporting. And that’s not all, because the helpers are also important for direction control and the initiation of turns.


The moment of inertia is an important feature of ski sticks, make sure that they are very light. In order to keep the weight low, materials made of aluminum or carbon are used nowadays, and you can often find a mixture. Today sticks vary between 200 and 300 grams, and not only is light weight an advantage, but also robustness. Carbon is a little lighter than aluminum, but it is also more expensive. Ski sticks are around 14 to 18 mm in diameter. The handles are often ergonomically shaped and sit comfortably in the hand, thanks to the loop, the stick can sometimes be loosened or even let go without losing it, with click systems as well as racing or system loops. The plate at the lower end of the stick ensures that it does not penetrate too deeply into the snow and often has a specific size and shape depending on the location. For downhill skiing, round plates with a diameter of a few centimeters are sufficient; if you want to wag through the deep snow off-road, star-shaped plates with a diameter of around 10 to 15 cm are advantageous, for cross-country skiing, on the other hand, the plates are asymmetrically shaped. The tips of the sticks are also varied. Steel tips are typical, but there are also flex tips made of hard metal, carbide tips or flex crown tips that provide the necessary grip in snow and even on icy surfaces.


You don’t know your suitable stick length yet? No problem, the calculation is very simple: just add your height to 0.7 and you already know how long your stick needs to be. If you want to freeride off the groomed slopes, then it’s best to choose a shorter stick length. There are also ski sticks here at Campers-Shop in very different colors and from numerous brand manufacturers in a wide price segment.

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