Buy sunglasses online – tips and overview

Sunglasses are valuable sun protection and eye-catchers in one. With the right model, you protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation and expand your outfit with a fashionable accessory. Especially when hiking or skiing, they are exposed to extreme UV radiation. It is particularly important here that you protect yourself from the UV rays. If you are in nature for a long time without sun protection, you will also notice in the evening that your eyes start to hurt. Protect yourself with one of our high-quality and tested sunglasses.

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What do sunglasses do?

For many people, sunglasses are now a fashion accessory that will accompany you stylishly through spring and summer. Even in winter, sunglasses are becoming an everyday companion, because eyes are quickly blinded, especially in snow. In addition, sunglasses lenses protect against harmful UV radiation.

If the UV light hits the retina unfiltered, this can have health consequences. Sunglasses with UV protection protect your eyes from the ultraviolet radiation. Apart from that, the tint of sunglasses ensures a glare-free view. It feels pleasant and is an important safety factor in traffic or on the slopes.

Sunglasses also have a fashionable function. After all, there are reasons why actors, singers and celebrities make extensive use of this accessory. Depending on the model, sunglasses give their wearer a casual or mysterious look and thus provide the icing on the cake on a stylish outfit.


What types of sunglasses are there?

Sunglasses for women and men are available in many different versions. The difference lies in the glass tint or refinement

Classic sunglasses: The classic sunglasses are available from different brands and in different designs, mostly with a tint of 85 percent in green, gray or brown. This “simple tint” offers optimal protection against the sun. Mister Spex also offers you a “true-to-original glass color” for numerous models. The glass color is therefore adapted to the original glass color. Whichever you choose, you are well protected against ultraviolet radiation.

Polarized sunglasses: Especially when driving on a wet street or during winter sports, dazzling light reflections can occur. Unlike their classic relatives, polarized sunglasses are able to reduce them. For this purpose, they have a polarization filter that absorbs the reflected light. So you can enjoy good visibility even in low sun or snow. It is important that the glasses fit snugly so that protection from lateral sunlight is also guaranteed.

Phototropic sunglasses: Phototropic sunglasses are self-tinting glasses. This means that the glasses darken depending on the proportion of UV rays and temperature. They are transparent in closed rooms and dark in the blazing sun. This has the advantage that you can wear your sunglasses comfortably all day and save yourself the change between normal glasses and sunglasses. At Mister Spex you have the option to order all glasses and sunglasses that can be glazed with self-tinting lenses.

Mirrored sunglasses: Mirrored sunglasses are completely opaque from the outside. From the inside they are anti-reflective like other glasses. For a long time these sunglasses were mainly used in winter sports. In the meantime, they are enjoying growing popularity in everyday life because of their unique, mysterious optics, which reinforce coatings in bright and bright colors. Mirrored glasses look casual in a contemporary way. The mirroring not only has a fashionable effect. It also protects the eyes from light reflections and thus ensures clear vision.


The right sunglasses for your face shape

Are you buying sunglasses for the first time or want to try something different? Are you unsure which frame is suitable? For a pre-selection, it makes sense to use your own face shape as a guide. This already reveals a lot about which glasses frames really fit you:

Heart-shaped face: sunglasses frames that are curved upwards, such as cat-eye or butterfly models, go well with heart-shaped faces. You can also go for round and oval sunglasses, you have a free choice of color. Stay away from sunglasses with wide and eye-catching temples.

Round face: Do you have a rather round face? Then use angular and subtle frames. These make your face appear narrower.

Angular face: The opposite is the case with angular face shapes. In this case, prefer round and oval frames to provide more softness. Frames in subtle colors add elegance.

Oval face: Is your face characterized by an oval shape? You will then be able to choose any type of glasses. But be careful: In this case, too, make sure that the glasses fit you and your personality.
But it is not only the shape of the face that is decisive for which sunglasses “suits you”. To ensure that you are happy with the selected model in the long term, choose one that fits in well with your style of clothing and fits your appearance. Are you an extrovert, If you like it striking, let off steam with glasses and frames in bright colors. If you value restraint, discreet glasses are usually more suitable. Of course, you can also use sunglasses for exciting contrasts to yours Appearance, but even then the glasses should always match your personality – just so that you feel good.


All of our sunglasses offered here are of course tested and found to be good. All sunglasses available from us keep the dangerous sun rays from your eyes. We even offer sunglasses for your dog. When you go on long tours with your dog, it is also important that you protect your dog against the UV radiation with special dog sunglasses.


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