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7 reasons why swim is so healthy

That swimming is healthy, is well known. But why is that? We tell you what positive effects swim on the body.

Experts and sports enthusiasts preach it for many years, numerous scientific studies confirm it and their own experience also shows it: swimming is healthy. Yes, maybe it’s even the healthiest sport that there is. So far, you still lacked the motivation to buy an annual subscription for the local swimming pool and pull regularly? That changes if you read the 7 main reasons why swimming is so healthy.

1. Prevent pregnancy complaints in the water

Many pregnant women feel the movement in the water as pleasant. Through buoyancy, the body feels easy. Joints who need to carry the higher weight in everyday life will be relieved. Also, typical pregnancy complaints, such as water reserves and varicose veins, can be mitigated. Because the water pressure looks at the legs like a natural compression stocking. And very important: When swimming, the risk of injury is very low!

2. Swimming strengthens the heart

Sporty swimming brings the cardiovascular system to momentum and trains the heart muscle. Due to the water pressure, the blood vessels narrow on the skin surface. The result: the blood is pushed back to the chest and the heart has to work strong. In the long term, the heart adapts to the burden and becomes more powerful.

3. Relieve back pain and joint problems by water sports

Do you suffer more often from joint and back pain? Then swim is just right for you! Because in the water, the joints and discs are relieved. In addition, you can strengthen your fuselage and back muscles with back swimming. In addition, arthrosis patients benefit from sports in the water. For them, the recommendation is: Moving a lot, but little strain. That’s exactly possible when swimming. It is important that those affected are paying attention to their body feeling.

4. Swim as natural help at asthma

Swimming makes the respiratory muscles more resilient and supports mucus transport from the lungs – all this benefits asthmaticians. However, beginners should pay attention to slowly get used to the effort and insert a warm-up phase as well as regular recovery phases. Also important: Asthmatics should advise you before sports drive with your doctor and be set well drug.

5. The best sports against overweight? Swimming!

The water supply has several advantages for overweight. You can gently train in the swimming pool without being overperated, and over time improve your body feel. In addition, when heavily overweights are often cycling, bone and joints are biased, swimming is an ideal gentle entry into regular sports. And especially for untrained persons, the low risk of injury is also a plus.

6. Swimming as full-body training

When swimming, they strongly strengthen all muscle groups, especially if they vary the swim styles: breast swimming trains especially the breast, shoulder, arm and leg muscles. When crawling, the power is predominantly from the arms, in addition, they train shoulders and hull. The back swimming benefits above all fuselage and back muscles.

7. Stay healthy with swimming

Even in terms of calorie consumption, swimming points can be scattered – one reason more to replace the gym through the swimming pool: an 80 kilogram of heavy man consumes about 344 kilocalories per hour at slow breast swimming, with rapid breast swimming it is about 768. With fast crawl you can even be up to Bring to 900 calories for melting. The calorie consumption is so high in the water because the body needs energy to compensate for the temperature difference to the water.

If you want to lose weight with swimming, however, must train regularly. The College of Sport Science (CSS) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) recommends 250 minutes of moderate workout a week to lose weight. That’s about four hours of sport per week. However, however, swimming remains healthy and does not lead to injury, you should not overload at the beginning and slowly increase your workouts.

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