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It’s just very practical when you can pull your own little house behind your car and set up your camp that quickly and easily. With a camping trailer, you don’t have to pitch a tent either. You always have everything with you. What is also very practical about a camping trailer is that you have a real mattress with you on which you can sleep comfortably. Here you will find a selection of camping trailers that we can deliver. We work with various manufacturers and sell camping trailers through our online store. There are no shipping costs! With some camping trailers, however, there are customs duties because these trailers come from abroad and are delivered to the nearest port, where you then have to pick up the trailer and, if necessary, pay any customs duties. Unfortunately, we cannot store all trailers in our company in the USA, please understand.

All trailers and tiny houses have an approximate delivery time of 2-3 weeks. All necessary paperwork for registration is included.

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Why is a caravan so much fun?

Going on vacation with the motorhome is already a great adventure, but what challenges does a permanent life in a camper entail? Where do you park, how is it in winter and what are the costs? You can find out everything about life in a motorhome here.

Live the freedom

Not being tied to a fixed place of residence, waking up in a different place every day and working regardless of location – life in a motorhome is particularly attractive to free spirits. Many annoying elements of everyday life are eliminated: Those who live in a motorhome pay the usual campsite fees, but have no constant rental and ancillary costs and do not have to worry about too loud or too sensitive neighbors.

Foregoing space and comfort

Of course, there are also less beautiful sides to life in a motor home. The space is cramped, so you should really get on well with your “roommates”. The comfort in many modern campers is quite high, but not quite comparable to a living room. Many previously common tasks – for example washing clothes, disposing of rubbish, shopping – have to be rethought and organized a little.

On the other hand, of course, there is the unique freedom of being able to go anywhere at any time if you get wanderlust. Here everyone has to decide for themselves what is more important. If you are not sure whether life in a motorhome is the right thing to do, you should rent a motorhome and try it out before buying it. Even a week in a rented camper can help you make a decision.

Where can I live in the motorhome?

Motorhomes may be parked anywhere where it is not expressly prohibited, but staying overnight in them is limited to one night to restore their driving ability. However, you are not allowed to camp in parking lots and rest areas, which includes setting up camping tables and chairs and spreading out awnings and awnings. In other countries there are different regulations, so always inquire carefully about the regulations. You should find out in advance where you can stay outside of campsites to avoid fines.

Many municipalities have special parking spaces for motorhomes, which are usually completely free. In order to stay overnight in the motorhome on private property, you need the consent of the owner. Most campsites have special rates for permanent campers.

What to look out for

The decision has been made, now it’s time to plan and organize life in the motorhome. If you intend to spend the winter with your motorhome in cooler regions, you should make sure that your mobile home is also winter-proof. Motorhomes that are not suitable for use in winter pose a whole range of problems: wastewater and freshwater tanks freeze up, and the insulation cannot withstand the cold and moisture.

Sufficient gas supplies are no less important. This is an important point, especially in winter, when the gas is not only needed for cooking but above all for heating. A spare gas bottle should always be with you. So that the gas does not run out in the middle of the night, there is a special automatic switch that can be retrofitted at any time.

If the motorhome stays in one place for too long, the car batteries discharge and, in the worst case, have to be bought completely new. If you stay in one place for a long time, the motorhome must be moved. Alternatively, you can of course also use a generator instead of a car battery for the power supply. There are usually electricity connections at campsites.

Before the wildlife in the motorhome begins, you should also think about your insurance and taxes. For example, if you plan to work independently and regardless of location, you will have to pay the corresponding fees to the health insurance company.

Work anywhere

Life in a motorhome is particularly suitable for those who need nothing more than a laptop with an Internet connection for their work. A motorhome can be set up as a mobile workplace. And when the weather is nice, it is certainly much more pleasant to work at the camping table under the awning than in a stuffy office.

There are several ways to get internet access. Internet via satellite costs a little more, but you are connected everywhere in Europe. Alternatively, WLAN sticks and free WLAN are available in public places.

What does the world cost?

The cost of living in a motorhome is in many ways lower than in a rental apartment. Parking spaces and campsites cost significantly less than even the smallest apartments in the city. The ancillary and electricity costs are almost completely eliminated.

Instead, you pay more for fuel and there are additional costs for gas. These differ depending on the season, as you will consume significantly more in winter than in summer. Other expenses arise from international insurance and tolls.

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