Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

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Packaged included:
1 x Automatic Inflation Life Jacket (not include gas cylinder)

Material: TPU(Thermoplastic Urethane)
Color: Camouflage, Orange Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, Wine Red, Black
Weight: ≤0.8kg
Air.bag inflated volume: 16.5 liters
Capsule compressed gas weight: 33 grams
Inflation time: ≤ 5 seconds
Buoyancy: 150N
Buoyancy loss: ≤5%/24h
Capsule gas storage time: 5 days
Water battery lamp lighting time: 8 hours (in line with IMO standards)
Air.bag air pressure: 0.2kg
Head and shoulders emerged from the water: 30-45 degrees
Mouth and water distance: 120mm
Operating environment temperature: -30~+65°C
High pressure gas cylinders: disposable, can be replaced (not included)
Widely used in: passenger and cargo ships, yachts, marine po.lice, water skimming boats, water construction operations, offshore drilling platforms, flood protection, hydrology, water conservancy and other places.

– Automatically inflates upon immersion in water or when the wearer pulls the inflation handle.
– Rapidly inflated into the water, the body’s self-supporting frontal surface rises 120mm above the water surface. The air.bag has a large buoyancy and airtightness, and the 24-hour buoyancy is reduced by less than 5%.
– Small and lightweight, comfortable and convenient to wear.
– Soft neoprene neckline for all day comfort.
– Reflective piping for greater visibility.
– Guide for helps inflation and assists in repacking.
– Durable ripstop fabric resists tear and punctures.
– Convenient, reusable mesh storage/carry bag.
– Universal size fits adults over 80 lbs.

Automatic inflatable life jacket instructions:
1. Wear instructions before use
Before use, check the following items:
(1) Check the life jacket for damage:
Make sure the lifejacket is free from cracks or punctures. This type of breakage on the cover indicates that the inflatable air chamber may have been in contact with the component that caused the breakage. If these defects are found, they cannot be used until the maintenance test is performed.
(2) Check the status of automatic inflatable devices
The indicator of the automatic inflation device tells you if the automatic inflation device has been correctly installed for use. Refer to Inflator Indicating Parts Inspection Instructions near Automatic Inflator.
(3) Check the CO2 cylinder
The cylinder filled with CO2 gas inflates the lifejacket when the automatic inflator is in effect. You need to check that the installed CO2 cylinder is of the correct size and has not been used before. When checking the cylinder, unscrew the cylinder and observe the screw plane. The cylinder does not show any components filled with gas. If it is found that the screw plane is damaged, replace the cylinder. Refer to the product specification section of the first page of the instruction manual to select an appropriately sized cylinder, including screw size and CO2 weight. If the cylinder is OK, it is also necessary to screw it back onto the automatic inflation device.
Additional instructions for CO2 cylinders
A: Before installing the CO2 cylinder, the automatic inflation device will not be properly installed, resulting in immediate inflation.
B: CO2 cylinders can only be inflated once and cannot be used again.
C: The protective coating on the outside of the CO2 cylinder may corrode when placed in the environment or after a period of use. At this time, the CO2 cylinder will begin to show some signs of rust. In this case, replace the CO2 cylinder.

2. Inflatable instructions
(1) Automatic inflation – automatic inflation device will automatically inflate within 5 seconds after falling into water.
(2) Mouth blowing – mouth blow tube is located on the user’s left side. Open the left side of the lifejacket, straighten the mouthpiece, and inflate until the air.bag is hardened. If the balloon becomes soft due to CO2 infiltration (normal loss of cylinder gas over time), it is necessary to maintain adequate buoyancy by mouth blowing.
(3) Inflating under the condition of freezing – At a temperature of 40°F or less (4°C), the air.bag will not be hardened, and in addition to automatic inflation, it will be necessary to blow and inflate it. CO2 inflation time will be longer under this temperature condition.
(4) Other inflatable instructions
a. Note – do not inflate and inflate manually with CO2 cylinders. Repeated CO2 inflation after inflating the mouth will destroy the life jacket.
b. Never inflate the lifejacket with an air pump or air compressor.
c. Use CO2 to inflate more than air infiltration. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish as soon as possible by oral inflation system.

3. Exhaust Description
With the cap attached to the mouthpiece, insert the end of the inlet end of the blow tube and press the valve (located at the end of the mouthpiece).

Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

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Adult Automatic Inflation Life Jacket
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