Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

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COLLAPSABLE PORTABLE: The high density stove is ultra-lightweight at 0.06 pounds, and perfect for all your outdoor excursions and adventures. Its body can be fully dismantled and conveniently stores in the included mesh bag, for sleek and easy carriage. We made the 3 foldable arm holders stronger so that it can hold a heavy pot, and so that it is also extremely durable to heat.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN VERSATILITY: Designed exclusively for your comfort and efficiency, the all-purpose stove can withstand the extreme temperatures produces by various sources of fuel: wood, alcohol, peat, leaves, twigs and coal. It’s equipped with engraved anti-skid radians that securely ground your cookware to the unit. The portable multipurpose stove can be used for an array of outdoor activities, and makes an excellent addition to your camp kitchen accessories.
ALL TERRAIN WINDPROOF: The outdoor savvy cooker is designed for maximum compatibility with all weather conditions and terrains. Body is built to securely build and host your fire, and produces a consistent fire source, even in windy and inclement conditions. ECOFRIENDLY: As natural fuel is the primary combustible source, all that’s left behind from the cooker is easily disposable ash. Produces no harmful toxins or chemical residue to pollute the earth.
ALL PURPOSE WOOD BURNING CAMPING STOVE! Compatible with an assortment of easily accessible, combustible materials that produce no toxic emissions (twigs, wood, leaves and peat) and more. CONVENIENCE: Prepare your favorite wholesome meals away from the comfort of your home. DURABLE: A solid, scratch resistant stainless steel body designed exclusively for the rugged outdoors.
EASY TO CLEAN: This stove is extremely easy to clean up after using it to cook food. Because of the way it was designed. It has a removeable tray where you can just dump out the ashes, and clean upafter yourself.
We also made a wide space in the middle of the arm holder so that you don’t need to remove the Pot if you’ll add some fuel sources.
Applications include: Mountaineering, Fishing, Back country, Parks, Hiking and it makes an awesome camp kitchen accessory.
CAMP KITCHEN ACCESSORY: An excellent addition to your existing camp kitchen’s cooking supplies.
WEATHERPROOF: Compatible with inclement weather conditions and provides you with supreme functionality.
HEAT RETARDANT: An unmatched capacity to endure extreme temperatures produced by different fueling sources.
EASY TO USE: Provides a simplified user friendly, and hassle free outdoor cooking experience for everyone.
Step 1
Removed the pot holder and the alcohol plate (if you will use twigs, leaves or paper)
Step 2
Gather twigs, dried leaves, scrap papers or coals and put it inside.
Step 3
Light it up with a lighter or a match and wait for the fire to rise.
Step 4
Put on the Pot and keep on adding up fuel sources to keep it the fire on.
GREAT ACCESSORY: This bag is a very big that you would be able to store additional items in it.
Picnics Outdoor Festivities Mountaineering Hiking Camp Kitchen Accessory Fishing
colour: Silver
Material: stainless steel
size: 13.5*20cm
Package Contents:
1*Multifunctional portable stove kit
Only the above package content, other products are not included.

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove

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Camping Wood Stove Survival Foldable Stove
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