INTEX Seahawk Trio

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INTEX Seahawk Trio

Product category: inflatable boat

Brand: INTEX

Hull material: ordinary PVC

PVC thickness: 0.58mm

Air chamber: 3 and above

Air pump: None

Paddle: None

Maximum number of passengers: 3

Maximum load: 300

Specification: 295*137*43cm

Weight: 15.2KG

Packing: 1PCS/CTN

Volume: 0.081 cubic meters

Material: 0.58mm plastic material

Accessories: a boat paddle, an air pump, two cushions


· Three-air chamber structure, with an auxiliary air chamber on the surface to increase buoyancy

· There are two ”Boston” air valves in the main room of the hull, which makes it easier to inflate and exhaust

· Plastic material is comfortable like a carpet boat

· Grip ropes all around

· Inflatable strip bottom is more comfortable and firm

· A tool bag

· Welded paddle lock sleeve

· Paddle bracket

· Can be equipped with motor

· Coast Guard Team Approved Equipment


· Patch

· Colorful package

INTEX Seahawk Trio

INTEX Seahawk Trio

INTEX Seahawk Trio

INTEX Seahawk Trio

INTEX Seahawk Trio

INTEX Seahawk Trio

INTEX Seahawk Trio

INTEX Seahawk Trio

INTEX Seahawk Trio

About the maintenance of the inflatable boat


1. The inflatable product can be inflated immediately after the purchase, but about 80% to 90% after the first time. Use it a few days ago, try not to overinflate.

2. Within 24 hours of the first inflation, the general inflatable products will be a little loose. This is a normal phenomenon, because the material of the air chamber is slightly elastic, and the filling is complete.

After inhalation, it will expand and become soft, and it will feel loose, as long as it is inflated again to achieve the desired effect, it will do, but it should not be over-inflated

3. The temperature in summer is high, and the gas in the inflatable product will expand by heating. Don’t over-inflate. Pay attention to proper inflation, otherwise the drawstring in the inflatable product will

Overloading and breaking, causing surface bulging, this situation cannot be repaired.

4. In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. Please do not inflate immediately after receiving the item. Try to put the inflatable product indoors for a period of time and wait

The material can be inflated only after it is slightly softened to prevent the material from hardening due to low temperature and accidentally damaged under the action of external force;

5. Any inflatable products (including tires, etc.) will naturally run out of air. This is a normal phenomenon. Pay attention to regular replenishment;


1. Three-air chamber structure, and an auxiliary air chamber on the surface can increase buoyancy

2. There are two ”Boston” valves on the main air chamber of the hull to make it easier to inflate and exhaust

3. The surface of the plastic material is as comfortable as a carpet

4. The inflatable strip floor is more comfortable and firm

5. Two fishing rod brackets

6. The bow is equipped with a handle

7. A tool bag welded boat lock sleeve

8. Paddling bracket

9. Coast Guard Team

Product features: stable, comfortable, strong cushioning force, pressure test

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6 reviews for INTEX Seahawk Trio

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INTEX Seahawk Trio
$589,00 $412,00
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