LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

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LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar


1) Display:2.8inch LCD with 3 color tone: Blue, Red and Grey.

2) Back lighting: On/off White LED

3) Depth Capability:328feet/100m(cable transducer mode); 147feet/45m(wireless mode)

4) Sonar Coverage: 60degrees beam angle in 83Khz/ 20 degrees beam angle in 200Khz(cable transducer mode); 90degrees beam angle in 125Khz(wireless mode)

5) Power: 3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries

6) Waterproof design: level-4(spray-water-proof)

7) Wireless sensor battery requirement: one replaceable CR-2032 battery.

8) Wireless operating Range: 328feet/100m

9) Water depth,water temperature, fish location, bottom contour can be constantly obtained from the water

10) User selectable sensitivity,zoom,units,depth range,shallow alarm,fish icon,fish alarm,and chart speed setting

11) Built in memory stores sonar setting when the fish finder is turned off

12) Wireless Sensor could shut down when it is out of the water.

12) Operational Temperature: 14°F to 122°F(-10°C to 50°C)

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

Dual frequency 2 in 1 in 718LiCD that can detect fish at different angles and depths.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

Ice fishing can also be used.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

You’ll enjoy the process of fishing after using our products.
It’s so wonderful.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

718LIC has both wired and wireless modes.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

Wireless mode is 90°in 125KHZ.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

This fish finder can be operated at two different frequencies(Dual Beam). Precise narrow beam is used for high accuracy returns of fish, structure,detail and bottom profile.Wide beam provides ample search area for fish, bait fish, and bottom structure.
It is best to use low frequency setting to figure out, where the fish are and switch to the high frequency setting to get more accurate information about fish position and bottom structure.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

The water and fish information can be constantly obtained.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

The sonar can detect water up to 45m and wireless operating range is 100m.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

The sonar can detect water up to 100m,90degree beam angle in 125khz.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

2.Water depth
4.Small fish icon with depth
5.Medium fish icon with depth
6.Bottom contour
7.Battery indicator
8.Upper zoom range
9.Water surface
10. Large fish lcon with depth
11. Lower zoom range

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

1.Seal cover
2.Seal ring
3.Battery place
4.Sonar detection
5.Hole tied to fishing line

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar


LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

Our fish finder are used in different fishing ways: night fishing probe,turbid fish probe and ice fishing probe environment.

LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar

Item No:FF718LICD

Black lighting:On/off white LED

Depth capability: transducer:100m/Wireless:45m

Sonar coverage: 20° in 200KHZ& 60° in 83KHZ(transducer)/90° in 125KHZ(wireless)

Wireless operating range:328feet(100m)

Power:3.7V rechargeable battery

W-Sensor battery require: one replaceable CR2032 battery

Operational temperature:-10°C to 50°C


​1.Although the fish finder is waterproof, but considering high corrosion and penetration of salt water, if there is water in the fish finder, please wipe out the water immediately with cloth, thanks.

2.Menu language:English/Russian

3.Manul language:English/Russian

4.Use fish finder in smooth and hard place (like water tank, swimming pool, water bucket, or fish pond) will cause repeatedly sonar reception, or the the detection can be inaccurate.
Please test in outdoor deep water.

5.By default, the fish finder is set to high frequency setting, which is designed for best performance and longest battery life.

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Brand Name


Power Source

DC 10V-18V



Sonar Frequency

Cable of Dual Beam: 20 degrees: 200Khz, 60 degrees: 83Khz

Detecting Range

0.6-183 Meter

Sonar Coverage

60 degrees in 83Khz, 20 degrees in 200Khz; 90 degrees in 125Khz

Power Input



2.8inch LCD

Back lighting

On/off White LED

Depth Capability

328feet/100m cable transducer ; 147feet/45m wireless

Waterproof design


Wireless operating Range



3.7V rechargeable lithium battery

Menu Approved Language


Manual Approved Language

English& Russian

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    Exactly what i was searching!

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LCD Portable Fish Finder Dual Sonar
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