Mini GPS Navigation For Outdoor Travel

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Mini Bike GPS Computer Wireless LCD Display Speedometer Cycling Computer Odometer Waterproof USB rechargeable
1, 1.6 inch mono LCD,good display effect under the sun;
2,White backlight;
3,High quality GPS inside;
4,Speed,Altitude,DST,Ride time,ODO etc. display;
5,History cycling list to view;
6,USB rechargeable 400Mah battery;
7,IPX6 waterproof;
8, Built-in high-precision GPS chip, Wireless design very convenient. Please make sure your M3 connected with GPS before cycling.
9, Easy to use, can record your speed without the speed sensor, easy to record and review history.
10, The LED light has three colors: Red, Yellow, Green and means two conditions:
1) Stand for the power indicator:
Red: Low power, need to charge; Yellow: 30-60% power; Green: sufficient power
LED light “breathing” on and off while charging.
2) Stand for the GPS signal light:
LED light flashing: searching for GPS signal or GPS signal is weak;
LED light constantly on: GPS signal is strong, the device can work normal.
M3 GPS bike computer only needs to set the time zone. When the GPS signal is stable, the time and date will be automatic synchronized.
Some time zones:
Beijing: UTC+8:00 (Default Setting) Tokyo: UTC+09:00 Perth:UTC+08:00 Москва:UTC+3: 00 Sydney: UTC+10:00
Pacific time(USA): UTC-8:00 S?o Paulo: UTC-3:00 London: UTC+0:00 Polski: UTC+1:00 Berlin: UTC+1:00
If you have any questions during the installation or use, please visit MEULAN OUTDOOR YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK for solutions, or contact via “ask a question”
1.7 inch mono LCD, with backlight, good display effect under the sun.
Support Speed, Altitude, Distance, Riding time, ODO and History review
USB rechargeable 400 mAh battery, can ues 8 hours.
1, Simple bike computer, easy to operate, basic data display, not support BLE and ANT+, not support speed & cadence sensor.
2, Small and unique appearance: Mini design and easy to install, but the data display is large enough to be read clearly, easy to reading,.
3, Standby for 10-15 minutes will automatically turn off.
4, Whether you are participating in competition training, daily fitness, or just want to know the mileage of your weekend riding, M3 MINI GPS bike computer is the right choice.
Setting steps:
Press set button, enter into setting mode: When the value or icons is flashing, it means can be adjusted via the left button; right button for next setting.
1, Time zone setting: select your time zone.
2, Sound turn off/on
3, Metric and Imperial: select MPH or KM/H by left button
4,Set the ODO data
The setup is complete, automatically saved and exit setting.
Package Include:
M3 Bike GPS computer x 1
Charge Cable x 1
Front stand holder x 1
Belts x 2
User Manual x 1
Click Switch Change speed to current value, average max speed Change data value Change display data Long press = on / off Click Features 1:Switch display data at the bottom of the screen 2:Select the next setting 3:Select next history Long press 1:Save the current trip record 2:Enter history interface 3:Exit history interface Set key Click: Enter / Exit the settings Long press: Delete this time record Switch + Features On / Off Backlight Features + Set key Restore factory configuration

Mini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor Travel

Mini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor TravelMini GPS Navigation For Outdoor Travel

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Mini GPS Navigation For Outdoor Travel
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