Question And Answers For Products

We have implemented a new function in our shop. In order to be able to provide an even better service for our customers, we have now built a question and answer system into the product pages.

If you are interested in a certain product, but you still have questions about the product, you can simply leave us a question directly on the product page.

Our support team will be informed immediately about the new questions received and will answer your question in detail and as best as possible.

To ask a question about a specific product, simply click on the “Questions & Answers” tab on the product page. There you can put your questions to our team without any problems. Our support team will be informed immediately about new questions about the product and will immediately approve the question and leave a qualified answer to your question.

questions and answers

Of course you can still reach us as usual by phone and email. Our support team will of course be happy to help you there too!

The reason why we have built in the “Questin And Answer” function in our online shop is that other customers can read the questions and benefit from the information left behind.

We want to keep improving our customer service and offer our customers an even better shopping experience! If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can further improve our service, please contact us and send us your tips.

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