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A roof bag is an ideal way to create additional storage space when you travel by car. So you can easily take all your luggage with you on your vacation. The practical thing about the roof bags is that you can stow them away after a holiday to save space, in contrast to rigid rooftop boxes. We are online specialist retailers for roof boxes and offer a wide range of brands in different sizes, colors, and price ranges. Explore our range!
Roof Rack

Do you need additional storage space on the roof of your car? With our branded roof racks you can transport safely from A to B. Whether bicycles, skis, snowboards, kayaks, a roof box, or something else. With us, you will find the right roof rack for every car. Roof racks are the basis for adding storage space to your roof.

as of 22. November 2021 4:26
as of 22. November 2021 4:26
as of 22. November 2021 4:26
as of 22. November 2021 4:26

Inexpensive roof rack for additional storage space

If you want to expand the storage space of your car, you can do this quickly and easily with a roof rack. Because with a roof rack on the car, many objects that are too big for the interior or trunk can be transported without any problems. Special means of transport such as bicycle racks, roof boxes and even carrier devices for kayaks or skis can also be mounted on a roof rack. You can buy a wide variety of roof rack models in the online shop – both universal roof racks and special versions for the respective vehicle model.
Differences in the assembly of the roof rack

When buying a roof rack, the assembly method used to attach the rack to the vehicle is essential. Most roof racks attach to the vehicle in one of the following ways:

  • The roof rack is clamped to the roof rails of the car.
  • The carrier is fixed in the area of ​​the door frame with the help of clamping feet and hooks.
  • For older car models: a special clamping system for the rain drainage channel, which no longer exists in modern cars, connects the roof rack and the car.
  • The roof rack is screwed onto the car at pre-assembled fixed points in the body that are painted over at the factory.

At Campers-Shop there are roof racks for every car – no matter what type of mounting is required. Whether universal roof rack or model-dependent special rack, if you want to buy a roof rack, you will find suitable models at reasonable prices in our online shop.

Regulations for the car with a roof rack

The transport with the help of roof racks mounted on the car and also with special constructions such as bicycle racks is bound by regulations. These relate primarily to the correct loading of the roof rack. Above all, it is important that parts do not “protrude so much that they endanger traffic more than inevitably”.
More tips for driving with a roof rack

There is no legal requirement for the maximum speed when driving with a roof rack – however, manufacturers and experts advise not to drive faster than 80 mph. With the roof rack loaded on the car, fuel consumption also increases. Consumption can increase significantly depending on the height and width of the load, as the aerodynamics of the car are disturbed.