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Are you are looking for new women sportswear? We have great clothing for yoga, GYM, running and fitness in our store.

Fortunately, we have arrived at a time when sport has become a part of life for many people. It doesn’t matter whether you jog in the park, sweat in the gym, swim laps in the swimming pool, hit the slopes or play beach volleyball with your friends, the right sportswear is part of it.

Look good in women’s sportswear when you sweat

Although the style factor is of course particularly important in sport, the main thing in sport is that you feel comfortable in your clothes, that they offer you freedom of movement, that they fit perfectly and that sweat is released directly.

Women’s sportswear for your training session

  • Running: Many women include regular jogging sessions in their exercise routine. Luckily. In addition to motivation, you also need the ideal sportswear that won’t put you off the running route in wind and weather. Down jackets, softshell jackets and long training pants are just as much a part of it – as with any outdoor sport – as well as sports bras, sports thights and pants.
  • Gym: In the gym you don’t need it to be cuddly and you are well advised to wear tight sports pants or leggings as well as functional shirts or tops and an ideal sports bra. Here it is usually the style factor that decides. Or ladies?
  • Swim: Even with all water sports – swimming, surfing or just basking in the sun – you obviously need the right look. In addition to the classics of stylish swimsuits with cut-outs, retro bikinis, tankinis or bandeau models, wetsuits, bathing trunks, sports swimsuits, tunics and the like belong on the beach and in the swimming pool.
  • Team: For various team sports such as volleyball, hockey, handball or the like, it is especially important that your socks, shirts and pants are breathable and do not restrict you in your fast movements.
  • Winter: Obviously, when skiing or snowboarding you have to be prepared for the sometimes severe weather conditions. Thick and breathable snowboard or ski jackets and pants, down jackets, softshell jackets, fleece jackets and functional underwear are a must here.

Women’s sportswear

Fashion motivates! The proof: the new sportswear

Power, energy, power! What do you think of when you hear these words? For a long time they have not only been associated with men (Sorry, Boys), but rather describe the age of the strong woman: We are strong career women, strong mothers, just badasses and power through the day. However, this can quickly become stressful, produce the opposite and steal energy. It’s no wonder that sport is experiencing such an upswing: In addition to all the intellectual and social activity, you have to get back to the physical so that we can keep our strength. Ready for a fresh burst of energy, ladies? We have just the thing for you.

Break a sweat – sportswear for women

Self-discovery sounds a bit clichéd, but with so many sports activities to choose from, you have the opportunity to find your thing. Gym or outdoor? In a group or solo? Fast or slow? From running to swimming to dancing to yoga to boxing – there are really no more excuses to sit still. Once you’ve figured out what you like, the next step is: sportswear. Because depending on how you design your training, your clothing has an impact on your performance – and we want you to get the best out of yourself.

In addition to the functional properties such as absorbency, air permeability and stretch, we naturally also want style! After all, training is about you and your body – it makes sense that you want to stay true to your look. And with the large selection of sportswear, your outfit adapts to you and your workout – and could even pass as streetwear. Black and white no longer means classic, but monochrome and is geometrical and has fine details such as mesh inserts. Colorful is no longer just colorful: Choose between neon, floral, abstract, batik and color blocking. Who still wears worn jogging pants and XL T-shirts for training ?!