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Buy Propitious Diving Equipment

DIVING is our passion – for over 30 years!

You can find diving equipment & diving accessories here in the diving shop at low online prices: You can order diving accessories such as diving masks, snorkels, fins, diving suits, regulators and diving computers, gloves, diving bottles, instruments for diving, books such as logbooks, tools and knives in the diving accessories diving shop from

Buy diving equipment cheap diving accessories from Campers-Shop: Order products in the ‘DIVING’ section from us.

Divers need a lot of accessories

Masks, snorkels, fins, diving suits, regulators and neoprene clothing can be expensive. Experienced divers would never save on the quality of their equipment, because that is at the expense of their own safety. In the dive shop you can buy high quality diving accessories cheaply. We only offer brands of diving equipment from well-known manufacturers that have been tried and tested and are known for their performance and durability.

In our online diving shop for diving equipment & diving accessories – order now at low prices, we offer you cheap deals on diving equipment from well-known manufacturers such as Aeris, Aqualung, Mares, Cressi, Poseidon, Scubapro, Oceanic, Suunto and many others, which our diving experts have carefully put together. As a special mail order company for divers and a long-standing online diving shop, we not only offer a wide range of functional, high-quality diving equipment, but are also happy to advise you professionally and personally. Behind our diving shop are experienced diving instructors with thirty years of diving experience. We have been specialists in diving shipping for almost 30 years. In our online dive shop, we only offer diving clothing and equipment that we would use and wear ourselves on our dives.

With our selection of diving suits, our customers are prepared for all waters. Whether wetsuits for cold water, overalls and shorties for warm water, undersuits, dry suits or the appropriate diving clothing accessories: We only select diving suits that are robust and material and guarantee perfect freedom of movement when diving. Diving gloves and diving boots complete the diving outfit. For special requirements, there are also lead-integrated and classic diving jackets as well as weight pockets and other accessories in the portfolio of our dive shop.

The heart of every dive, whether it’s classic deep diving, snorkeling or freediving, we offer masks, snorkels and fins in our online dive shop as combinable individual items or – particularly suitable for beginners – as complete snorkeling and diving sets. Especially here we offer detailed advice on buying diving masks, snorkels and fins by phone or email.

For your next purchase of diving equipment you shouldn’t forget one thing – safety!

The safety of our customers while diving is of course our top priority when selecting diving products. All of our regulators and regulator sets, octopuses, hoses and mouthpieces are checked for top quality and produced by well-known manufacturers. You will find the corresponding accessories by type and by diving brands such as Mares, Scubapro, Cressi or Aqualung. The diving bottles selected by us also meet all the requirements for this vital diving equipment.

More and more divers are also relying on dive computers underwater. Our online dive shop takes this development into account with a selection of innovative air-integrated and non-air-integrated dive computers. Of course, we also offer many other diving instruments in our special shop for diving equipment: diving watches, pressure gauges and consoles, compasses and individual components to supplement in different price ranges, but always absolutely reliable under water. Clothing, bags and backpacks, accessories for safety and communication as well as interesting reading and DVDs round off our diving range.

Buy good diving accessories online in our diving equipment shop!

Safe and satisfactory online shopping is a long-runner, because almost every customer has had bad experiences or has been disappointed by a product. In the Divestore diving shop we want to counteract this:

Not only are we equipped with the important seals of approval for safe online shopping, we take a very close look at our diving products and try out the diving accessories ourselves. Then we write our own product descriptions in which we name specific properties and advantages or make recommendations for special customer groups. So we would like to contribute to the fact that the customers of Tauchsport Versands buy diving accessories online that satisfy them.

Order diving accessories for beginners and professionals in the dive shop

As in a real dive shop, you can order diving accessories for beginners and professionals in the diving shop. We offer you different departments in which you get basic equipment for beginners consisting of a mask, snorkel and fins, as well as diving suits of different thicknesses for warm and cold waters, appropriate socks, gloves or diving caps. We are constantly working on expanding our range of diving accessories!

Since many customers inform themselves in advance before they buy diving accessories, we have sorted our regulators by manufacturer, well-known manufacturers such as Aeris, Aqualung, Mares, Cressi, Poseidon, Scubapro, Oceanic, Suunto and many others. This makes it easier to find specifically recommended models and to compare them. We also offer professional divers diving instruments, computers and jackets, because these are products that frequent divers do not like to borrow at diving centers. For beginners, on the other hand, we provide selected books and DVDs that learn about diving, document dives correctly and deal with famous diving areas.