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New in our shop – diving and sea scooters

A diving scooter / sea scooter refers to a drive for individual people in the water. It is driven by an electric motor. A similar device, which is only or primarily used on the surface of the water, is a water sledge.

A battery of accumulators supplies electricity to an electric motor that drives the propeller. The speed of the sea scooter can be regulated with a switch.

The big advantage over an internal combustion engine is that there is no need for a snorkel. This means that an electric diving scooter can also be used at greater depths, and its operation is only slightly restricted by environmental and water protection regulations. The maximum immersion depth is limited by the pressure resistance of the housing.

In our shop you will find many different sea scooters, there are differences in the speed and depth of the individual devices. With a sea scooter, you can glide through the water without exertion!

What to look out for when buying a sea scooter

Many of us know diving scooters from James Bond films. But they are now also available to everyone. With a sea scooter, divers can be pulled through the water without exerting their own strength, which is why they are particularly helpful in strong currents. Sea scooters are really cool and now also affordable.

Nowadays, electric motors are mainly used. In addition to the better environmental compatibility of the batteries, their advantage is that electro-diving scooters are extremely quiet and the underwater world is hardly alarmed.

Submersible boats are operated with the help of batteries that drive the motor and one or two propellers. The bigger the motors, the higher the power and speed that can be achieved with the underwater scooter. The average power of the motors is 220 to 1200 watts. Double motors of 600 watts each are particularly efficient. These are very powerful and can reach quite high speeds. Up to 5mp / h and more.

The size and number of propellers are also important. Because the bigger the propeller, the greater the thrust.


Controlling a scooter is quite simple. One or two handles or levers on the handlebar are installed on the device – which has to be pressed (often at the same time) so that the scooter runs.

Models with gear shifting or different driving modes are particularly high quality. Here you can choose between slow and fast depending on your needs.

So that the scooter does not get lost, some are also equipped with a safety cord that can be attached to the wrist. Don’t worry, the scooters will not sink, but rather have a strong buoyancy. If you also take off the gas, they come to a standstill after a few meters.

Battery life

The quality and performance of the batteries have a significant influence on the thrust and range of the Seascooter. The battery life has to be quite long, especially for longer expeditions into the underwater world.

Almost all manufacturers use lithium batteries for this. The charging time in the home socket is on average 3 – 4 hours for particularly high-quality models, but the batteries sometimes need up to 8 hours to be fully charged. You should definitely consider this when choosing the Seascooter.

However, the range of the batteries depends heavily on how you drive. Especially with devices with different driving modes and gears, the slower you are on the scooter, the greater the range of the batteries.

Top speed

A diving scooter can be used as swimming support not only underwater but also on the water. Depending on the design and engine power, maximum speeds of up to 10 mp / h are possible. Most of the diving scooters for private and hobby use only reach speeds of around 1 to 5mp / h.

You have to keep in mind that at high speeds, of course, the range decreases quickly:

If, on the other hand, you glide through the water very relaxed in the lowest gear, you will achieve a very long runtime – up to 60 minutes and more are then possible.
At full throttle, however, the fun ends pretty quickly. Most of the underwater scooters have a running time of around 25 minutes at top speed.


One advantage of the new Seascooters is their relatively low weight. This allows them to be easily transported into the vehicle and by hand to the lake or sea. Some models weigh little more than 3.4 kg. These are very handy and can be used well even by children (of course, under supervision).

The following applies: the larger the diving scooter, the greater the range it usually achieves. This is because larger propellers, motors and batteries are used. These offer more thrust and more propulsion. However, this also increases the weight.

Smaller underwater scooters are generally better suited for beginners and beginners. They are lighter, easier to navigate and control. In addition, the charging time is usually much shorter.

Bracket for cameras / GoPro

A trip through the underwater world with a sea scooter is spectacular. As with almost everything, it is important to record this experience for yourself and others, of course. Of course, you want your hands free when diving with a scooter, after all, controls are not that easy. Instead of having to deal with the camera, a bracket is required.

Most models have a bracket on which the action camera (e.g. GP-Pro) can be attached. A waterproof underwater camera can be connected via these universal interfaces, which are compatible with almost all cameras on the market.

However, the maximum depth should be observed – after all, many Seascooters can reach depths of up to 40m. The maximum water density in each case should also be observed for the camera. The special thing about recordings using the camera mount on the scooter: the pictures and videos reflect the direct view of the diver. This makes it feel like the viewer is gliding through the underwater world himself. The image and video material are very impressive.

Extra tip: If you don’t just glide over the water with the Seascooter, but also want to dive a little without taking complete diving equipment with you, we recommend a full-face snorkel mask.