Secure dog in camper and caravan

For many campers, the four-legged friend is simply part of the family. So it is only natural that the dogs also come along when they go on tour with their camper or caravan. For many dogs, such an excursion is a welcome change from everyday life. Mistresses and mistresses are also looking forward to a relaxing holiday, but not only have to consider in advance what has to be packed. The transportation of all human and animal family members also needs a little attention.

Transport dogs safely in the mobile home

So everything is now prepared and the most important utensils for the dog are stowed away, but where can he now go?
Quite logical that your dog or cat cannot ride on the dashboard, even if that might be one of their favorite places to stay.

And the driver’s seat is also out of the question for obvious reasons. But what solutions are there instead?

First of all, it is important to be aware that animals are regarded as loads in the sense of the traffic regulations.

This means that if your dog is not secured while driving, you risk fines and can even lose your insurance cover in the event of an accident.

There are three possible solutions for the safe transport of your four-legged friend: transport boxes, special seat belts or individual dividers.

dog dashboard

Solution 1: Use transport boxes

The safest option is probably a transport box. There are very different variants in different price ranges – from the stable aluminum box to the classic plastic box. Of course, depending on the size of the dog, this also takes up the most space and this can be a challenge in some motorhomes, especially for stately dogs.

In addition to safety, another advantage of such closed boxes is that your dog cannot look out. If your dog is afraid of driving, such transportation would probably help him stay calm. A closed box can also be very successful with a dog that gets sick when driving.

Tips for traveling with transport boxes

  • Getting used: If your dog already knows the transport box from driving, this will make it much easier for him to get used to riding in the motorhome. It is best to introduce them step by step: First, the dog is placed in the box without the car being moved and is confirmed in the process (e.g. via treats). As soon as this works, the first small rounds can be made and then slowly expanded bit by bit.
  • Comfort: The box should be covered with a cozy blanket or other soft surface so that your dog has it comfortable and comfortable on your tours.
  • Employment: So that there is no boredom on the trips, you can give your dog something to chew in the box. However, make absolutely sure that he can not choke on it – because in such a case you can not intervene!
  • Fastening: Secure the box well, e.g. with lashing straps – otherwise it can turn into a dangerous flight bullet in the event of an accident. You don’t want to imagine what happens to your dog!

Solution 2: Buckle up the dog in the camper

There are special seat belts for dogs. Either as straps that you fasten on one side like a normal seat belt in the seat belt and on the other side with the help of a carabiner on your dog’s harness. Or in the form of a special harness that will attach to the normal belt. With this harness, your dog can ride in the body of the camper. Assuming straps are provided and installed there.

As long as you ensure that your view is not impaired, your dog could even ride in the passenger seat with such a system.

The disadvantage of these seat belts is that they restrict the dogs’ freedom of movement. Because unlike in a transport box, your four-legged friend can only stand up and turn around with these belts with great difficulty. Some dogs find this very uncomfortable. You should also pay attention to the quality of the belt. Because this test from ADAC shows that there are big differences in the quality of such harnesses and belts.

One advantage is the possibility to adapt the whole thing to your dog. If he likes to look out, you can make it possible for him by attaching it to the seat belt next to the window. If he is more afraid of driving, you can close the roller shutters of the windows and prevent him from looking out.

Solution 3: RV removal for dogs

If both of the previous solutions are out of the question for you and your four-legged friend, you can also customize your motorhome and have it expanded to suit your dog. There are now some companies and as many options as there are different motorhomes.

The options range from a ventilated transport box in the rear garage, which can even be provided with a passage to the interior, as with the DogLiners from 4pfoten-mobile, via converted bunk beds to a doghouse under the table. What is suitable for you depends both on the structure of the motorhome and the size of the dog and, of course, on your own wallet. Because the more individual and customized the solution, the more expensive it is.

However, since we learned above that animals are understood as loads in the sense of the road traffic regulations, they should theoretically travel in the caravan.

However, you have no control over your four-legged friend there at all. So you do not know if he is well, if he is warm, if he is sick or if he needs urgent. The situation is even worse in the event of an accident – anyone who has seen a caravan after a collision knows that there would not be much left of a dog. And since you probably drive your dog without a caravan, it makes sense to transport it where you normally do it: in the trunk or on the back seat of your towing vehicle.

Transport in the trunk

There are several ways to transport your dog in the trunk of your car:

  • He can ride along and be separated from the interior by a net or grid,
  • You can install a transport box or aluminum box

Transport in the back seat

Depending on how big your dog and car are, you also have two different options for transporting your four-legged friend on the back seat. You can buckle it up like in a camper van or you can put it in a transport box. Both with the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above.

No matter which solution you ultimately choose, you should start to get your dog used to driving a car or motor home in good time. Then nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday!

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