mini scuba diving system

Simple Scuba Diving – Mini Diving System For Spontaneous Dives

Wouldn’t you like to explore the beautiful underwater world without any efforts?
It is simply great to move freely underwater and to explore the seabed or to take a closer look at the great colorful fishes.

You have several options to enjoy the fantastic underwater world. For example, you can get snorkeling equipment and take a close look at everything from above. You usually don’t need a lot of accessories for this. All you need to snorkel is a mask, a snorkel, and swim rafts. This is of course very inexpensive and can be easily put on and taken off again. For example, if you’re on a boat, you can quickly put on your snorkeling gear and jump into the water.

But you can also admire the underwater world with proper diving equipment. The problem with proper diving equipment is that diving equipment is very expensive, you need a diving license and it takes a long time to get all the equipment ready for use. Of course, there are also many advantages to having professional diving equipment, you can stay underwater for a long time and you can dive very deep.
If you are out and about with proper diving equipment, you will of course have to use this diving equipment very often so that the purchase is also profitable.

Portable Lungs Mini Dive Scuba Tank
Portable Lungs Mini Dive Scuba Tank

But now there is also a new type of diving. We offer you special mini diving bottles that you can easily fill with breathing air yourself, for example with an air pump or a compressor. The mini diving bottles give you enough air to breathe underwater for about 10-15 minutes to explore the surrounding area. Of course, you can also take several mini diving bottles with you, which of course extends the time as you wish.
The new mini diving equipment has the enormous advantage that you do not need expensive and large diving flashlights and diving equipment.
For example, if you are on a ship and just want to explore the underwater world, you can make optimal use of these mini diving bottles. You just put on normal diving goggles, take any number of mini diving bottles with you, which you can easily hang on a belt, and you’re ready to go. Each of these practical diving cylinders is equipped with its own breathing apparatus. As soon as the air in the diving cylinder is used up, you simply surface again and fill the diving cylinders with new air. You can easily do this with a normal air pump or compressor.

We have had many good experiences with these mini diving cylinders. You can also just take several tanks with you to the beach. If you and your family want to explore the underwater world, you simply fill the diving bottles and can then explore the underwater world for about 10-15 minutes without surfacing. But if you take a couple of bottles with you, you can stay as long as you want underwater!

The mini diving bottles really fit into any luggage or beach chair. The only thing you have to take with you is an air pump.

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mini scuba diving
mini scuba diving system

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