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Outdoor sleeping bag, mats and pillows for your comfortable camping experience

When camping on cold nights on uncomfortable ground, even hard-boiled outdoor fans long for warmth and comfort. When sleeping in the wild, on the beach or even in your own garden, you can only achieve a good recovery effect with the right outdoor sleeping bag and the right equipment.

A comfortable mat and a good outdoor sleeping bag not only provide more comfort, but also serve as protection against various diseases. An extra pillow can of course not hurt for that extra portion of cosiness. If the head area of ​​the outdoor sleeping bags is not sufficiently padded, you can find travel pillows in various forms in our online shop that complete your camping equipment. In addition to the increased comfort, such a pillow in the out-door sleeping bag also ensures that insects cannot reach the head directly from the floor.

Healthy sleep is of course always important, but this is even more the case with longer tours into the wilderness. And so when camping, inflatable pads, such as self-inflating mats and air beds, not only ensure healthy, restful sleep, but also provide the necessary portion of energy that is needed for the next trip. The team: outdoor sleeping bag and suitable mat ensures good nights in because you will recharge your batteries for the next day.

The next sections will tell you whether you should take a synthetic fiber outdoor sleeping bag or one with down fill and which equipment makes your vacation outdoors really comfortable.

Sleeping bag summer & winter – sleeping bags online shop

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a suitable sleeping bag for a camping holiday or your next outdoor adventure! Outdoor enthusiasts know that a high-quality sleeping bag is part of every good camping equipment. However, the individual requirements for sleeping bags are crucial for choosing the right model. Important criteria must be met if the camper wants to benefit from the advantages of this important equipment. The area of application, the weight, the pack size and the material are factors that should be checked before the purchase. In the online shop you will find a wide range of camping items, including sleeping bags from various well-known manufacturers. Today, innovative sleeping bags are developed with extensive testing steps, the utility value of which is tailored to use even under extreme conditions.

Sleeping bags: Specific criteria are the focus of manufacturing techniques

Camping enthusiasts who place high demands on a sleeping bag know that the focus is on the insulating effect if sleeping bags are to fulfill their function. It is the user who warms the sleeping bag and the quality of the insulation is connected with it. Basically, sleeping bags differ in their different filling materials. Down sleeping bags as well as synthetic sleeping bags meet different criteria, which are primarily geared to the temperature of the area of ​​use. The fine breast fluff of ducks and geese is called down, which, in contrast to the conventional feather, has no keel and is all the softer. Down is ideal as insulation against extreme cold. The air that is bound between the down prevents circulation and thus ensures sufficient warmth at low temperatures. The special effect of the air binding means that the camper benefits even at high temperatures and is protected from overheating in the sleeping bag. The individual mixing ratio of the down in a sleeping bag influences the quality that a good model should meet. Basically, the higher the proportion of down, the more efficient the degree of air insulation.

Sleeping bag made of synthetic fibers: innovative materials set trends

Sleeping bags made of modern synthetic fibers are not only easy to clean and quick-drying, but are also characterized by their high durability and low weight. In the online shop of you will find a large selection of well-known sleeping bag manufacturers who have switched to new development methods for synthetic sleeping bags that have already proven themselves in practical tests. Significant developments in this segment include synthetic fiber blends, the individual fibers of which are siliconized, offer a high degree of elasticity and, like down, can store air. Sleeping bags made from these innovative materials are just as suitable as high-quality down sleeping bags at extremely low temperatures. Primaloft is one of the favorite synthetic fibers for the outdoor area. This breathable and soft microfiber is characterized by a long service life, comprehensive insulation and a special resilience. For transport, a sleeping bag made of this special synthetic fiber can be packed in a space-saving manner without the bulking ability suffering after being rolled out.

Sleeping bags: versatility increases the practical value

If you want to use your sleeping bag in a variety of ways, you can also find practical blanket sleeping bags in the online shop, which the outdoor enthusiast can not only use as a conventional sleeping bag, but also as an additional blanket. Sleeping bags of this type are not only characterized by a high degree of versatility, but are also very easy to fold up. At, campers can find the popular Sioux sleeping bags from the best manufacturers on the market. These blanket sleeping bags are made of an easy-care and hard-wearing synthetic fiber, which are breathable and offer a high level of sleeping comfort. The innovative microfiber filling ensures a pleasant sleeping climate thanks to its moisture-wicking composition. The quick-drying material and the practical shape of the ceiling are criteria that appeal to the camper who values ​​flexibility and a high level of practicality. Due to the shape of the blanket, these models allow plenty of legroom and the two-part zip allows this sleeping bag to be easily connected to another.
Sleeping bag for extreme conditions: mummy sleeping bag impresses with its special shape

Mummy sleeping bags are characterized by a significant shape based on a narrower shape towards the foot end. This sleeping bag convinces with a surprisingly small pack size and the versatility of handling in the outdoor area. In this particular variant, too, the area of ​​application determines the type of filling. While the fine down is suitable for extremely low temperatures and dry cold, the synthetic fiber not only impresses with its easy-care properties, but also with quick drying. While down loses its insulating ability as soon as it gets wet, innovative synthetic fibers are also suitable for overnight stays in damp weather. At mummy sleeping bags are offered for every requirement like the comfortable models from Gelert. These offer maximum comfort thanks to the filling made of synthetic fibers, a low equipment weight, an easy-care outer fabric and plenty of legroom.

Indoor sleeping bags: hut sleeping bag offers comfort

Camping enthusiasts who are looking for a light sleeping bag that does not have to be exposed to extreme weather conditions will also find a variety of hut sleeping bags on offer from These are primarily suitable for overnight stays at pleasant temperatures outdoors or for excellent sleeping comfort in a mountain hut. Equipped with a practical side zip and skin-friendly materials, a hut sleep with its low pack weight is also suitable for replacing conventional bedding when traveling. Some of these sleeping bags also impress with an integrated pillow compartment into which a favorite pillow can be inserted as desired. If you want to use a hut sleeping bag for the outdoor area, you should make sure that it is equipped with a warming fleece material. The sleeping bag shop offers a large selection of these sleeping bags, such as the models from High Peak. They are made of silk and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether as a sleeping bag or blanket – hut sleeping bags guarantee high sleeping comfort and plenty of legroom.
It depends on the right sleeping bag accessories

A high-quality sleeping bag can replace the bed at home for a certain period of time. Processing standards, materials and extras determine sleeping comfort. If the camper wants to increase it further, the online shop will find ideal accessories for his sleeping bag. A small and practical sleeping bag pillow is often enough to increase comfort. Extras are also offered for transport in the online shop. Nordisk has practical compression pack sacks that ensure convenient and protective transport. The packsack is suitable for all variants in standard size and can be used universally. Seat cushions in a self-inflating form offer maximum comfort and warmth. The Camp Seat consists of a high-loft foam, which is covered with a soft fleece stretch and increases the value retention due to a non-slip coating. At, camping fans will find high-quality and practical sleeping bag accessories for a pleasant stay outdoors, in the mountain hut or in the tent.


Wash & clean sleeping bag

– Be sure to check the manufacturer’s information before cleaning.
– Repair cracks before washing.
– Close all zippers and Velcro closures.
– Use special detergents for down or synthetic fibers.
– Never use fabric softener.

Machine wash

– Fill a machine with just one sleeping bag.
– Put 3 tennis balls into the washing drum for down sleeping bags.
– Set the delicates program and use special detergents according to the product description.
– Wash the sleeping bag at least twice.
– Just hit it lightly ..

Hand wash

– It is best to wash the sleeping bag in a bathtub.
– Use special detergents according to the product description.
– Squeeze the air out of the sleeping bag and let it soak for about 1 hour.
– Wash the sleeping bag carefully.

Dry the sleeping bag

– Never wring out the sleeping bag.
– The best way to dry synthetic sleeping bags is to spread them out in the fresh air.
– The best way to dry down sleeping bags is in a large dryer at 40 ° C. Put at least 3 tennis balls in the drum. When drying outdoors, shake the sleeping bag well at least every half hour so that the down does not clump.
– Avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight in any case.

Store the sleeping bag

The following rules apply when storing:

– Don’t put your sleeping bag in the stuff sack for storage! For storage, the sleeping bag should be in a large bag made of e.g. Cotton to be stuffed. There are special storage bags from different manufacturers to buy. But you can also just use an old pillowcase or similar. use.
– Stuff your sleeping bag and don’t roll it. This protects synthetic fibers and down. It is also much faster!
– Ventilate your sleeping bag as often as possible and avoid frequent washing.

TIP: Sleeping bags with coated outer materials are easier to stuff if you turn them inside out.


The most important sleeping bag shapes at a glance

Mummy sleeping bags

Made of down, synthetic fiber or wool

Mummy sleeping bags are definitely best suited for lower temperatures because their shape guarantees optimal insulation. Due to an exact fit to the body, no unnecessary material is required, which means that the mummy sleeping bag can score with a low weight and small pack size. In order to take full advantage of the warming properties of the mummy sleeping bag, it is important to buy the right size sleeping bag.


Filling: down or synthetic fiber?

Down is certainly the filling that offers the best sleeping comfort. In contrast to synthetic fibers, it can regulate the temperature much better, which makes a significantly larger temperature range pleasant. Down sleeping bags are also significantly lighter and have a smaller pack size.

In the case of sleeping bags with down filling, a distinction can first be made between goose and down feathers. Goose feathers are of higher quality, but of course also a little more expensive. Another feature of the filling is the manufacturer’s information about the filling:

90/10 filling = 90% down, 10% feathers
(Easiest and warmest – but quick clumping in high humidity. Good sleeping pad needed, because the compression of the durums under the body is strong)

80/20 filling = 80% down, 20% feathers
(slightly heavier than 90/10 and less insulating (still very good!), but not very sensitive to moisture)

70/30 filling = 70% down, 30% feathers
(Actually no weight and heat advantages compared to a good synthetic sleeping bag. But it is very comfortable and durable)

The main advantages of synthetic fiber over down are:

Dries faster

Compression less. That means you always have a thick cushioning layer under your weight, which is sometimes lost when compressed down.
Synthetic fibers are cheaper than down (but they also have a shorter lifespan)
Especially in the tropics, where down sleeping bags are endangered by the high air humidity and the possible infestation by microbes, a synthetic sleeping bag can be much more suitable.

Filling: wool

In addition to down and synthetic fibers, some manufacturers also use wool (new wool) as insulation material in their sleeping bags. It also lends itself very well as a filling material because it:

– can effectively store heat
-insensitive to moisture
– is moisture regulating
-also has a cooling effect in warmth
– is a natural and renewable raw material that can be recycled
– offers a favorable ratio of heat output and weight
-easy to wash

A sleeping bag made of wool is particularly suitable if you are traveling to areas where it is a bit humid, you do not have to look at every gram and value sleeping comfort and sleeping climate. Wool sleeping bags are the ideal companions in spring, summer and autumn, in a mix with down (e.g. 70% down / 30% wool) also for winter.

Outer material: nylon and polyester fabric

Humans lose 250g – 500g of moisture during the night, which is ideally transported outside by the sleeping bag fabric. In order to get the fabric down-proof, it must also be extremely tightly calendered (treat with special rollers). However, this makes the fabric stiffer. The denser the original fabric, the less calendering is required and a soft feel is retained. Most manufacturers offer sleeping bags with outer materials:

-Nylon (easiest)
-Polyester (most comfortable)
-Microfiber fabric (extremely heat-insulating and water-repellent, but somewhat heavier than nylon)

Temperature range

For the measurement, the sleeping bags are tested by the manufacturers in certified laboratories, which unfortunately use different measuring techniques. However, the following 3 measuring ranges are distinguished:

-Comfort: A ‘standard woman’ (25 years, 60 kg, 1.60 m) can just sleep without freezing
-Limit: A ‘standard man’ (25 years, 70 kg, 1.73 m) can just sleep without freezing
-Extremely: A ‘standard woman’ (25 years, 60 kg, 1.60 m) does not get frostbite yet. However, we consider this value to be extremely critical.

The comfort value should therefore always serve as a guide when buying a sleeping bag. At this point it should be noted that the sleeping pad also makes a significant contribution to the sensation of warmth in the sleeping bag. Very good insulating mats are, for example, self-inflating thermal insulation mats. However, caution should be used when the temperature is below zero: condensation in the mat can freeze, which means that the insulating effect is lost. Classic mattresses are much better for such purposes.

It should also be noted that this standard cannot be applied to children’s sleeping bags. There is currently no uniform solution for children’s sleeping bags.
Further purchase criteria

The right sleeping bag size

Especially when used in cooler and cold areas, it is absolutely crucial that the sleeping bag is the right size. You cannot feel comfortable in a sleeping bag that is too tight and you can quickly overcool due to the restricted freedom of movement. The same applies to sleeping bags that are too large: existing cavities must also be filled with warm air, which of course means that energy is already lost. You can possibly find a remedy here, for example by stuffing clothes into the empty foot area.

Hood and warm collar

Since people release up to 30% of their body heat through their heads, it is pleasant to have a hood on the sleeping bag in cold regions, which can be tied with a drawstring. This minimizes heat loss and keeps the body warm longer. Some sleeping bags also have a filled thermal collar that can be placed around the neck and thus prevents the warm air from escaping from the inside of the sleeping bag.

Hood and warm collar are often only available for mummy sleeping bags and a few egg-shaped models.


With good sleeping bags, the zips are covered on the inside, so that they don’t press uncomfortably and secondly, the insulation is guaranteed. Often there are protective strips on the left and right of the zipper to prevent jamming when opening and closing.

There are many sleeping bags with zippers on the left or right side. In principle there is no standard recipe which side is more suitable. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether left or right is more comfortable for them. Here are a few tips:

Right-handed people generally find it easier to open when the zipper is on the left and vice versa
If you often travel with a partner, it is nice to take a sleeping bag with a zipper on the left and one with a zipper on the right.

If you have two sleeping bags of exactly the same model, right and left zippers can even be coupled so that a large sleeping bag is created.

For people who might want to couple their sleeping bag with a bivy bag, a zipper on the right is recommended, since this is often only available on the right.

Have fun browsing the sleeping bag shop! Also note our sleeping bag bargains and remaining items in the online outdoor outlet with numerous branded products at an absolute low price!