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When trying to figure out the perfect sleep system for your next trip, a good place to start is with your sleeping pad. Sleeping pads are one of the most important decisions that you’ll make for your next camp trip, not only do they provide a cushy base to sleep on, but they also keep you insulated from the cold ground for increased warmth all night. But with a variety of styles, weights, and sizes to choose from there’s a lot to consider before making your final decision.

Mats – rest comfortably

If you want to be reasonably comfortable when sleeping in the open air or in a tent, you should definitely place a protective mat between the sleeping bag and the floor. This not only ensures that you are not lying on the hard floor, but also insulates against the cold from below. In this category you will find all imaginable types of sleeping pads, from classic sleeping pads to practical self-inflatable mats to comfortable air mattresses or almost luxurious air beds. Be it for spontaneous overnight guests or for the next ultralight trekking tour – provides the right pad for a restful sleep!

Practical & convenient – normal and self-inflating sleeping pads

Are you looking for a sleeping pad – self-inflating, high quality and inexpensive? Then you have come to the right place in the self-inflatable sleeping mat category at the large outdoor supplier A self-inflating sleeping pad is probably the best decision for a mat when trekking and camping. So much lighter than an air mattress and so much more comfortable than foam mattresses.

Sleeping comfort on long tours – self-inflating sleeping pad

Basically, a sleeping pad protects against freezing feet when the floor gets cold at night. The perfect mattresses are made for nature and they serve their purpose there, if they protect against the cold and at the same time offer comfort for a peaceful sleep. Normal insulating mats made of foam get the twilight task done quite well. Nevertheless, the inflatable sleeping pad offers advantages:

  • On long tours, when a deep sleep is super important to gather strength, a comfortable self-inflating sleeping pad is so much more comfortable, because your CHAMBERS already have your back and comfortable lying.
  • However, it weighs only slightly more than its foam counterparts, from about 500 g to over 1 kg. However, this is a flyweight compared to a conventional air mattress!
  • An excellent self-inflating sleeping pad also keeps water out and is insensitive to sharp-edged stones or other pointed objects.

Principle of operation of a sleeping pad, self-inflating

How do self-inflating mattresses work? An internal foam expands through the valve opening by hand so that it absorbs air. A previously extremely compressed material can spread to its natural shape using the air. If the valve is closed after the air is completely filled, the air can no longer escape when lying on it. After use, the valve is opened and the sleeping pad is rolled and pressed together so that the air escapes. When the mattress has reached its smallest possible shape, the valve is closed and the mat is packed. The whole thing takes less than two minutes. The inflation process takes about ten minutes. Good self-inflating mattresses can be recognized by their low weight, size in packaged and corresponding size when inflated. gives you quiet and comfortable nights on a self-inflating mattress! There are not only models in the smallest pack size, but also branded mattresses from various manufacturers at the lowest prices. Have fun browsing the large self-inflating sleeping pad online shop at! Are you also looking for a suitable mummy sleeping bag for your tour? Here, too, you are guaranteed to find something at!

Sleeping mats online shop – sleeping comfort for outdoor and camping

For camping and camping, an object is of course particularly important in addition to a cozy sleeping bag: the sleeping pad! Because who likes to lie directly on the hard floor and then sleep comfortably? With the right sleeping pad, you can make many a night outdoors much more pleasant and ensure that you can really enjoy your vacation.

Which sleeping pad is the right one?

The market for mattresses is growing: While a few years ago you had to make do with the conventional mats made of a special foam, today there are many different models. Some of these differ fundamentally in their way, in their material and thus also in their area of ​​application.

In the following text, the different versions are to be briefly explained and notes on their respective use follow.

The conventional foam mat

Even if this type of sleeping pad has long been outdated for many outdoor experts, it still has its advantage for one person or use! Since this type of mat is made of a very robust material, it cannot be broken by wet or pointed objects. It is therefore ideal, for example, for sitting outside by the campfire without having to be careful that sparks get on the mat.

Inflatable sleeping pads

Inflatable mattresses are coming onto the market more and more. In contrast to the foam mats described above, they are much smaller to pack. Therefore, they are of course much better for trekking, cycling and the like than the large, bulky models made of foam. Some of the products have only a quarter of the pack volume and are usually much lighter.

When they are inflated, they are usually somewhat thicker and therefore they also offer a more comfortable and softer sleeping pad. So if you go on a longer tour, you will certainly be better served with such a modern product. However, you have to be a little more careful here in part: Moisture inside can lead to mold and, of course, holes can be cut into the material through very angular stones or even shards. However, if you take a little care to always air your mattress well and are a little careful where you lie down, such a mat is also very durable. If there should be a hole, the sleeping pads can of course also be patched up.

Another advantage besides

  • Comfort
  • Small packing volume
  • Light weight

is the insulating property: some of the new mats have special layers that keep cold from the floor. This means that when you sleep in nature you are kept warm much longer in the cold.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

Before buying, think about what you want to use the mat for and what properties you would like to have: Should it be well insulated, thick or better thin? What length do you need? If you already have a sleeping bag, it can also make sense to match the mat to it in terms of length and insulation!

Of course there are also special small mats for children. Nevertheless, you should consider whether these make sense when you sleep next to each other in the tent. Small mats often slip much more easily than large ones, which fill the entire area!

Now we hope you enjoy browsing and shopping. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to helping you. Of course, we have tested all mattresses ourselves and can heartily recommend them.