Solar And Lighting

Solar-modules and lights for camping

Solar is the best to be supplied with electricity and light in the wild. We offer various solar modules and lamps. If you want to charge your phone in nature, you can also use our products.

The right lighting for outdoors: Outdoor & Camping lights

The way to the goal took longer again and you only reached the camp with the last rays of sunshine. Now quickly set up the tent – the headlamp helps first. For the subsequent cooking session and the cozy round afterwards, there are two options: either you blind each other with the headlamps or you have brought a camping lamp with you and can relax in a sociable group with dimmed light. With the camping lamp, the evening and night hours become cozy and romantic, without which the darkness quickly becomes uncomfortable.

What types of camping lamps and camping lights are there?

In addition to flashlights and headlamps, there are classic camping lamps. These shine for the entire group – depending on the model with warm and dimmed light for cozy sitting together or cold and bright for organization in the camp. But you should pay attention to more than the maximum brightness! You can choose from various camping lamps for hanging and parking.

Which type of energy source to choose for camping lighting?

The luminosity and duration of the outdoor lantern depend on the energy source and the lamp body. In the electrically operated lamps there is usually an LED with minimal power consumption, so that the burning time is over 100 hours depending on the model. LEDs are also stable, well-protected lamps can easily withstand shocks and vibrations. The camping lamp with rechargeable battery provides reliable brightness, for safety you should carry spare batteries. Batteries can either be replaced or the lamp is charged by cable. There are also solar lights whose integrated battery is charged by the sun’s rays.

Camping lamps with natural fuel are an alternative. The brightness is infinitely variable and, depending on the model, the burn time is over ten hours. Compared to the LED lamps, the gas lamps score with their wide appearance. This makes them particularly suitable for illuminating large tables. Igniting the flame is easy, safe and quick with camping lights with piezo ignition. The luminaires with natural fuel spread light and additional heat, some of which create a brightness of around 500 lumens.

Our tip: Pay attention to the batteries or cartridges suitable for the lamp and take enough replacements and an additional mantle with you.

It can also be important in nature to recharge your batteries. Be it on his flashlight, headlamp or on his mobile phone or on the navigation device. We offer you some solutions here. Starting with the smaller portable solar systems that you can hang on your backpack and be charged with sun energy all day long. But we also have larger solar systems that you can, for example, permanently install in your base camp and can provide you with so much more solar energy than the smaller portable systems.
Here you have to decide which system is suitable for you.
Just have a look in our online shop, you will surely find the right solar system for you and your requirements!

Which light color is ideal for the camping lamp?

When choosing the camping light, the light color also plays a role. Lamps with white light shine cold to neutral – such a light is very suitable when looking for things in the dark. To relax, warm and yellowish light is the right choice – you need a camping lamp with warm light for a glass of red wine late at night.

Which additional functions are important?

Models for dimming are particularly practical. The brightness can be adjusted to the circumstances: maximum light for cooking and dimmed light for the later round of cards. For good lighting at the table, the camping lamp should be as high as possible. A hook to hang in the tent or on a branch is also useful. So that the camping lamp proves to be a reliable companion in any weather, it should be waterproof and protected from moisture. Selected camping lights offer two light modes. They provide pleasant illumination as a glare-free camping lantern and as a powerful flashlight for a sharp beam of light. Some electrically operated models also integrate a USB interface for mobile charging of the smartphone or digital camera.

Our tip: Choose a waterproof camping lamp with the water protection index IPX4 or higher, so that the lamp works reliably even in wet conditions. When comparing the camping lamps, also pay attention to the pack size and weight


Classic with gas cartridge and mantle, or modern and practical with LED lighting – choose the camping lamp according to your needs. The different variants each have their own advantages, also pay attention to the pack size and weight, so that the lamp takes up as little space in your luggage. It is also important that you have at least one lamp for each person! Also think of the tent lighting. And don’t forget to either take enough spare batteries with you or take one or more solar chargers with you. In most cases, this is probably the better solution, since these solar chargers take up less space in the luggage than replacement batteries.