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A stand up paddle board is a great hobby that you can do with the whole family. With a stand up paddle board you can explore calm waters and take longer tours on the water. Great fun for the whole family! There are no age restrictions for stand up paddling. Stand Up Paddle Boards can be easily transported in the trunk of your car and inflated by the lake or river. With us you will find a large selection of high quality stand up paddle boards at fair prices.


These are the differences and this is how you will find the right board for you!

Stand up paddling is an enormously growing sport that is becoming more and more popular. But what is the big advantage? The biggest benefit is the physical activity as you target numerous muscle groups. With stand up paddling you mainly train your balance, the cardiovascular system and various muscle groups.


Basically, a distinction is made between inflatable SUP boards – also called iSUP (inflatable SUP) – and hardboard SUPs with stand up paddling boards.

The inflatable stand up paddles are made of high quality drop stitch. Inflated to 15 PSI in just a few minutes, the board is as stiff as a hard board. But the big advantage – the pack size is only that of a backpacking rucksack!


All-round SUPs are particularly suitable for occasional and regular stand up paddle excursions and family tours.

The wide and thick construction of the all-round SUPs offers a high level of stability, which is the most important factor to keep your balance when touring on the lake, river or sea. Nevertheless, good gliding behavior is important in order to cover longer distances.

These boards thus offer the perfect balance between performance and balance.


Our Race SUPs are designed for competitions and long distance SUP tours. Their construction differs significantly from classic stand up paddle boards that you will find in large numbers on the market.

Race boards are particularly narrow and long in order to minimize water resistance, but still offer enough length to reach high speeds


Wave SUPs are stand up paddle boards for surfing. They are designed so that you can surf smaller waves perfectly. Due to their wide and rather short construction, they are particularly stable and agile in waves.

Good maneuverability is particularly important when surfing in the waves.

Put your surfboard aside when the waves are small and get on the surf – stand up paddle board!