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In our store you will find many swimwear and accessories for those hot days on the beach or at the pool. We offer you many different shapes and colors. With us you will find swimwear for women, men and children. We also offer you a lot of practical accessories to sweeten your day at the beach or at the pool. Just take a look around our shop, you will definitely find your new favorite there. Of course, we have all the articles offered here in our warehouse and will send your articles to you as soon as possible.

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Practical swimwear and accessories for the most beautiful days of the year can be found in our swimwear department at Campers-Shop.com. Just take a look around our categories, you will definitely find your new favorite pieces there. All of our clothing has been produced fairly and is 100% free from hazardous substances.

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Scuba Diving Equipment

Do you want something more than just lying on the beach or by the pool? Why not take a look at our scuba diving store? Scuba diving or snorkeling is also a lot of fun. We have many exciting products for you that will make your day at the sea more interesting.

Sporty swimming is not just an effective cardiovascular training, it also trains the heart muscle. Because by the water pressure, the blood vessels are compressed on the skin surface. Thus, the blood is pushed back into the chest and the heart must work vigorously. As a result, the heart volume increases gradually – the heart rate drops, the body becomes more powerful and more stable.

Swimming also ensures well-bleeded legs and strengthens the veins. The water pressure causes even more good: because the inhalation is more strenuous, the respiratory muscles are strengthened. In doing so, swimming is particularly joint-horrendous and also suitable for people who are hard to do with other sports: because we only have to wear 1/7 of our body weight in the water, swim is ideal for people with overweight, with joint or back problems.

"Swimming not only fun, swimming is also very healthy."

 Bianca Pablo