Tent Accessories

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Here you will find practical tent accessories for camping. Because whether repairing, impregnating, fastening, or cleaning, the right equipment is what counts.
A well-maintained tent will thank you for a long and dense life.

Accessories for tents

Tent carpet and groundsheet – dry and comfortable

Tent carpets are a very popular tent accessory, they ensure clean feet and thus also a clean tent, mobile home or caravan. You can purchase awning carpets by the meter and in ready-made sizes. It is optimal if the awning carpet is well permeable for e.g. meadow ground, so the carpet can be kept clean. Awning carpets for sandy floors should be woven a little more densely, because this way the carpet lies on the sand and the grains hardly push themselves through. Floor tarpaulins for tents should be absolutely impermeable, because this keeps your tent interior dry. Newer tent floors have an inflatable edge that protects you and your luggage from penetrating moisture.

Tent pegs and anchoring material

The right tent pegs are essential for securely attaching a tent. We recommend having pegs for different surfaces in your peg bag. Together with a hammer and peg puller, a good selection ensures a windproof tent. Anchoring with the longest possible lines ensures stability.

Tent poles – light and stable

Sometimes you need new poles or parts for your tent or awning. Because the lifespan of these tent accessories is limited, be it due to wind breakage or material fatigue. Whether steel, aluminum or fiberglass poles, here you will find a large selection of accessories for your tent poles. Additional poles open your tent entrance or support the awning.

Tent – impregnate or clean

Articles for impregnation or cleaning, the tent accessories are unfortunately often forgotten after a camping holiday. Packaged small stones can cause the impregnation of your tent to loosen over time. Even parts of your tent skin that are touched a lot will leak at some point during the life of the tent. Keep your tent clean for the winter and renew the impregnation from time to time, this will extend the life of your tent many times over. Always a good idea: a waterproofing agent in your luggage does not take up much space and protects you from wet surprises.

Tent repair – tent fabric and other accessories

Many tents are very easy to repair or have repaired. Save resources, here you will find tent patches, tent fabric, zippers and tent sewing threads! Make your tent a dense piece of jewelry again. It doesn’t always have to be new, with the right tent repair kit you can remove many small wounds in your tent.