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The 5 very interesting tips and tricks for campers

Camping can be really exhausting if you don’t think about certain things in advance. That is why we show you the best hacks and tricks with which you can enjoy your vacation carefree.

Camping hacks: tricks to gourmet cuisine at the campsite

On the campground, you usually have to forego most of the advantages of your home kitchen. But you don’t have to live without all culinary habits.

  • A good dish includes aromatic spices – but not all powders can be stored in camping equipment. To save weight, you can store the spices in TicTac cans or other small boxes. Salt, pepper and sugar should be available two to three times, depending on the length of the holiday, as these are used most often.
  • Many people cannot and do not want to do without their morning coffee. You can fill the rations for a cup of coffee directly into a coffee filter so that you don’t have to throw away a full pot of freshly brewed coffee before going on excursions. Now tie this up with dental floss and pour it directly into the cup like a tea.
  • Sometimes it can be worth preparing whole dishes at home or cutting ingredients in advance. This saves you time and you can sit back and relax. However, keep in mind that a lot of food will spoil if you lie around open or cut too long.

First aid for every trip

Anyone who goes camping should always have a complete first aid kit with them.

  • On some trips there is not much space for a large first aid kit. Nevertheless, you should have a small box or can with the most important medical aids. These include, for example, plasters, a bandage, painkillers and tweezers. You can use it to treat at least smaller wounds for the time being.
  • Ticks are a real nuisance, which unfortunately can be expected at any time in the forest. Therefore, carry a pair of tick pliers with you and examine yourself regularly for the small animals. If you actually spot a tick bite and remove the animal yourself, keep an eye on the area and see a doctor immediately if there are any noticeable changes.
  • Mosquitoes are also part of camping. To keep the annoying animals away, put a sage bundle in the fire. That usually scares them off. If you still have a mosquito bite, you can treat it with schnapps, an alcohol-based deodorant roller or an onion.

Here we have a practical first aid kit for you.

first aid camping kit

A comfortable tent

If the tent is on uneven ground, the ground is still damp, it is too narrow in the tent or the darkness restricts you, there are also some solutions.

  • The floor of many tents is just a layer of fabric, so that every stone and every wet blade of grass is clearly noticeable. For a comfortable surface on which you can also walk barefoot, you only need a few foam tiles that you can put together depending on the need and size of the tent.
  • For more light in the tent, simply attach your flashlight to a large water bottle. This will illuminate the entire bottle and your tent will have a larger light source that will make it easier to work in the dark.
  • If there is not enough space, it can help to create some order. Some tents also have an inner structure made of thin, perforated and almost transparent material. On warm nights without rain, you can also remove the outer tent, which gives you a view of the sky above you – the tent feels much bigger.
Camping Tent 1

Waterproof through the day

If it rains and you are not prepared for it, your entire camping holiday can quickly fall into the water.

  • Always keep at least one entire outfit in a waterproof pouch so that you don’t suddenly find yourself without dry clothing in the event of an unexpected downpour. Such a bag can also be worthwhile for your valuables and your cell phone.
  • When the shoes get wet, the cold that forms there quickly draws into the entire body. To prevent this, treat your shoes with wax. After applying the substance, you only have to blow-dry the shoes briefly and you simply repel water.
  • The inner and outer walls of your tent should not touch each other, because rainwater gets into the interior faster. If the worst comes to the worst, you should also consider taking a plastic sheet with you.
  • Once matches are wet, they are no longer suitable for lighting a fire. If you keep them in a can, no moisture will get to the wood. Equipped with a piece of sandpaper or the match surface of a matchbox on the can, the little helpers are in good hands.
water proof camping

Fire without a lighter

The campfire or grill is part of every camping holiday. Without a special lighter, lighting a fire can be difficult.

  • Nachos and chips are a good snack and an even better firelighter. If they start burning, the campfire is secured.
  • Alternatively, you can soak cotton pads in wax. As soon as these have dried, they land on the secured fireplace and are the basis for a few warming flames.
  • Similar to bricks, pieces of coal in an egg carton function as a grill lighter. This composition burns faster and better than if you just put a piece of paper in a mountain of coal.
campfire outdoor

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