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Here we would like to help you to find the right camping equipment for your first camping trip.

Are you planning to go camping? Is it your first camping trip and you don’t know exactly what you need to have a great camping holiday? No problem, here we would like to show you what you need to spend a relaxing camping holiday.

As a beginner in camping, it is always difficult to know what to take with you and what is important when camping. Maybe you go camping where there is no big city nearby or where there is no supermarket nearby where you could buy things afterwards.

If you are out in the wilderness and you notice that you have forgotten important things, that can quickly dispel the good mood. For example, if you have driven three hours to camp in a national park, it is difficult to go back and buy forgotten things. That’s why you should always make sure that you have all the necessary things with you.

With good planning, camping is a lot of fun! But if you’ve forgotten half of it, a camping trip can quickly turn into horror. Therefore, it is best to make a list where you write down what you need and what you absolutely have to take with you. Don’t rely on other people either. Other people can forget important things or do not need the things that are important to you when camping. For example, if you like to drink coffee or tea in the morning, you should definitely think of all the things you need to prepare coffee or tea. Starting with a gas stove, you don’t want to start looking for firewood and make a campfire in the morning, so a camping gas stove is very important. Then you need a couple of pots and a filter for your coffee, you should definitely pack these things in your luggage.

Of course, if you want to read a book in the evening, you have to remember to pack the book and a good head torch. It’s dark in the tent. And a flashlight for reading is also rather impractical, because with a flashlight you don’t have your hands free to hold your book.

So make a camping list beforehand with all the things you need and definitely want to take with you.

Thank you for your product recommendations, I had a great camping trip!

I planned our first camping trip in a national park with my friends. Of course I didn't have any camping equipment yet. I didn't know what was needed either. But this article helped me a lot and I was able to plan everything very precisely and knew exactly what to take with me. The product recommendations were also really good. The camping equipment is really very high quality and I was totally convinced.
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Here we have written a little list for you what you should definitely think about when you go camping or planning an outdoor trip. Of course you need a lot more, that’s why we recommend you make a list and write down exactly what you need.

The Tent

A tent is probably one of the most important things you need when camping. You want to sleep comfortably and undisturbed somewhere. Here we have the ideal entry-level tent for you. This tent is particularly suitable for camping beginners, but has a very high quality finish. So you can use the tent for a long time. We can highly recommend this tent to you, as it is very high quality, but also not that expensive.

You can find the product here

A good sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag is very important. A sleeping bag should be warm and comfortable. At night it can get very cold when camping and you don’t want to freeze in the tent. When choosing your sleeping bag, make sure that it is warm and soft. Here we have a product recommendation for you. Many of our customers are very satisfied with this sleeping bag because it is very soft and can keep you very warm even in cool temperatures.

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A good sleeping pad

A good sleeping pad is very important when you sleep on the floor in your tent. You don’t want to lie directly on the hard and cold ground. Most of the time there are hard and sharp stones on the floor. It is very uncomfortable when you wake up at night because there is a sharp stone under your back. That’s why you should definitely pack a sleeping pad. The sleeping pad also prevents the cold from the floor from being transferred to your body and, in the worst case, you suffer from hypothermia or catch a cold.

Here is our product recommendation

A good camping chair

A good camping chair is also very important, you want to sit comfortably by the fire in the evening while you tell each other scary stories. Sitting on the ground or on a log may sound romantic, but it’s not fun in the long run. It comes in handy when you have your own personal camping chair. We can of course also recommend one of the best camping chairs here.

This way to your dream camping chair

A good flashlight

You always need a good flashlight when camping. As soon as it gets dark outside and the sun is gone, you are virtually blind. When you move away from the camping fire, it is totally dark and you can no longer see anything. There are branches on the ground everywhere, the ropes of the tents are in the way, many dangerous tripping hazards … A good flashlight is essential when camping! If you don’t have a flashlight, we can recommend a good flashlight with which many of our customers have had very good experiences.

Right this way

A practical headlamp

If you lie in your tent in the evening and want to read a book, it is totally dark. A flashlight is not very practical because you have to hold the flashlight with one hand and so you don’t have both hands free to hold the book. DA is a headlamp very practical. You have the lamp on your head and exactly where you look the lamp lights up, very practical. A headlamp is also very practical when you walk around the camp in the evening.

Here is our product recommendation for you

A large camping backpack

A large camping backpack is very useful when you want to stow all your things. The backpack fits all your clothes and lots of camping gear. You can also use this backpack when you go on a hiking tour. You always need space to take various things with you on your hiking trip. It is important with a camping backpack that it is very well made, that the backpack is comfortable to wear and that the backpack is waterproof in case you come into the rain.

We can recommend this backpack to you

Hunting Knife

A good knife is always very important when camping. For example, if you want to cut a branch or have breakfast in the morning. You always need a knife when camping. A knife can also be very important in emergency situations. That is why it makes sense to invest in a good camping knife or hunting knife.

We can recommend this knife to you

GPS Tracker

If you are out and about, it makes sense to get a GPS tracker. For example, if you go on a hike during your camping trip and you are still in areas where you are not familiar, you should always have the opportunity to find your way back. With a GPS tracker, for example, you can set up your tent camp as a point of interest and then create another point of interest with your hiking destination. In this way, the GPS tracker always navigates you safely and reliably to your saved destinations. Thanks to the navigation via satalit, route guidance is always very precise. Before you get lost in the wild, you should definitely buy a GPS tracker.

Here you can find our product recommendation

Gas cooker

With a gas cooker you can easily prepare a lot of food outside while camping. Sometimes it is just better to cook over the gas stove than over a campfire. With a gas cooker, you can regulate the heat better and also heat pots better. If you want to make yourself a coffee or tea in the morning, you can also do it super easily over a gas stove. Making an extra big campfire just for morning coffee would be a bit of an exaggeration and would take too long! That’s why a good gas stove is part of every camping equipment. We have different types of camping gas stoves.

We can particularly recommend this gas cooker

Tent light

We also consider good tent lighting to be very important. When it is dark in the evening you want to move around safely in your tent and see where your bed is. That’s why we offer you many different types of tent lighting. But what we find very practical is solar tent lighting. You can simply set up the solar cells outside during the day, this will charge the lamp’s battery and in the evening you can use and consume the electricity generated. So you don’t always have to have spare batteries with you. The modern LED lights now consume so little energy that you can last the whole night with one charge.

Here you can find the solar lamp

Best Camping Locations

If you are still looking for the ideal location for your next camping trip, I can recommend one of our blog posts. There we describe every national park in the USA. We’ll give you recommendations for each park and lots of details.

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