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The best tips and ideas for your next tent adventure!

Adventure camping!

Before you open your eyes in the morning, you can hear the sounds of nature around you. You snuggle into your sleeping bag and ask yourself which bird is responsible for this extraordinary song that drowns out all the others. Somewhere in the distance you can hear water splashing and after your cup of coffee and breakfast you decide to search for the stream that you have never noticed before.

This is what pure freedom feels like you can only find when camping! Ideally somewhere wild in nature, without any rules, check-in times or other adventurers. Only you, your tent and the landscape around you – how cool is that!

In this article, you will find out which advantages camping has for you, how you prepare for your next camping trip and in which places in the world it is particularly worth pitching your tent!

Pure freedom: that’s why camping is awesome!

As soon as you hear camping, memories from your childhood may come to mind: you will not want to repeat the experience of squeezing yourself into a three-man tent with the rest of your family, and until now you had camping as an alternative accommodation option not on the screen. However, a trip with a tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag is pure adventure!

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You are in nature!

As a pedestrian you know that you can only find the most intense thrill outdoors in nature. Compared to adventures like a canyoning tour, surfing or a hut hike through the Alps, being indoors is uncool! So what could be cooler than sleeping in nature and making the night an adventure?

No matter whether you camp at a campsite or in the middle of the wilderness, you are closer to nature than in any other accommodation. In the evening you chill in front of the campfire, listen to the unusual noises at night and go to the lake or a stream to wash. You live from what nature has to offer and have the opportunity to get to know an area unknown to you with all your senses. The best: Your everyday life is completely forgotten!

There are also chances to run into wild animals while camping. Especially at night or in the early morning it can happen that a deer suddenly stands in front of you shortly after you crawled out of your tent. Depending on which country you camp in, you may even see bears, moose or other impressive animal species!

Endless adventure awaits you!

As soon as you say goodbye to the wilderness with your packed backpack on your back, your ingenious adventure begins, which only ends when you step through your front door on your return.

The great thing about camping is that everyday things like cooking or brushing your teeth become a real adventure! Especially if you are traveling in a country where wild camping is allowed and you only have the bare essentials in your backpack, almost every minute is pure thrill. A real survival trip on which you can eat what you find on the go, use the map and compass to orientate yourself instead of GPS and only light your matches with matches is a unique adventure!

Your modern everyday life, with its many convenient advantages such as the Internet, restaurants or shops, is a long way off and you will experience that life in nature is so much easier and yet much more intense! Without stress, without social rules and without appointments, you only have what really matters: the moment and what you make of it!

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You save money!

Depending on which destination your trip takes you to, you have to plan at least around $ 30 for a hotel room, a bed in a dormitory room of a hostel usually costs between $ 8 and $ 18, and even for an AirBnB you have to pay at least depending on the location and facilities plan to spend $ 20 or $ 30 a night – there are of course no limits.

Camping is cheaper in many cases. It depends, of course, whether you stay at a campsite, camp wild or set up your camp on private property for free. Compared to other accommodations, you save at least a few euros, if not much more, when camping.

If you are traveling in a country where wild camping is prohibited, you should find out in advance about suitable campsites. Camping sites in tourist areas, in particular, sometimes demand rather high prices. In Italy, Spain or Denmark, some regions charge up to $ 40 a day. Out of season and in more remote locations, you can set up your tent for just a few euros per night. Check the hidden costs before you leave, such as additional fees for shower tokens, tourist tax or the washing machine.

In America, wild camping is usually not allowed without a permit, but the situation is different in many other countries. You can pitch your tent in nature, for example in Norway, Scotland or Switzerland, for free. This is not only super cheap, but also pure adventure!

Camping Tent

The best camping tips!

Camping Tips No. 1: Your backpack

If you are planning a hike with a tent, a good backpack is essential. After all, you can use it to transport all of your equipment from one campsite to another.

It is important that your backpack fits perfectly. Most modern trekking backpacks are fully adjustable, so you can adjust not only the straps and waist belt to your body, but also the length of the back. In addition, your backpack should offer enough space for your things without being too big. If your backpack offers too much storage space, it is tempting to pack it full and overload it completely. When camping, the following applies: less is more!

One of our favorites for a multi-day hike is the Tatonka Yukon 50 + 10, which offers you a lot of space for clothes, equipment and Co. in the large main compartment, while you always have your sleeping bag handy in the separate bottom compartment. You can use the straps to attach your sleeping pad and tent, as well as various other bulky items, to the outside of the backpack. The best thing is the Yukon carrying system: you can completely adapt it to your body. Compression and load control straps ensure that the weight is distributed perfectly and that it can be worn comfortably even on longer tours.

Camping Tips No. 2: Your tent

Of course, nothing works without your tent when camping! Your tent is more than just your sleeping place. It protects you from rain, wind and cold and if you are traveling with several people, the tent is the place where you share your experiences in the evening and make new brilliant plans for the next day.

There is the right tent for every adventure: If you are traveling with your buddies and drive by car instead of hiking, the space in the tent is much more important than the weight. The same applies if you and your family stay in one place for a long time. Our tents, for example, offers plenty of space and can still be set up quickly and easily with a little practice.

There are also special tents for blatant adventures, such as a trek through the Annapurna Mountains in Nepal – for this your tent should have a low weight, be quick to set up and optimally protect you from the elements! Our tents switch is such a tent: you can set up the inner tent separately for particularly quick erection in warm areas. In the cold season or in bad weather, the weatherproof outer tent protects you optimally.

Tarps are particularly cool. In principle, this is nothing more than a tent roof that you can stretch over you when bivouacking to protect against the weather. In many countries where wild camping is prohibited, you can camp in the wild – inquire before your trip about the conditions under which night is allowed under (almost) open skies!

tent outdoor

Camping Tips No. 3: Your sleeping bag and your sleeping pad

Instead of a cozy hotel bed, you snuggle up in your sleeping bag while camping, which in combination with a good sleeping pad is not only almost as comfortable as a bed, but also protects you from the cold all night.

It is important that you adapt your sleeping bag to the type of your adventure: if you go camping in the warm season, for example, a summer sleeping bag is sufficient. Thicker winter and expedition sleeping bags ensure that you have a good night outdoors even in crass sub-zero temperatures.

When choosing your sleeping mat, it looks similar: Especially when you are walking, a light and compact mat is practical. Most sleeping pads are designed so that you can roll them up very flat and easily attach them to the outer straps of your backpack. If you are traveling in an area where it gets colder at night, make sure that your sleeping mat can cope with the appropriate temperature. Most self-inflating mattresses ensure a warm and comfortable surface for camping all year round.

Camping Tips No. 4: The basic equipment

In addition to a tent and the like, your backpack should also have a basic set of equipment that you best select for each adventure – so you are always perfectly prepared.

However, a stove and cookware is an absolute must on almost all camping trips. As with all other equipment, the same applies here: the lighter and smaller, the better! With a small but fine gas cooker or a bush box, you always have your hob with you. An outdoor grill is also really cool so your next barbecue is never far away! If you are traveling alone, you only need one or two camping pots and cutlery.

If you can’t go on an adventure without coffee on the go, the Mobile Coffee Maker is just the thing for you. So you always have good fresh coffee everywhere, which by the way tastes particularly good from our cups from the shop.

Even if you spend the night on a campsite and not in the wild, a good folding knife or even better a Multi Toolkit should be on your packing list. Not only can you use it to shred branches for your fire, you can also open cans or cut ropes. For emergencies, you should always have a First Aid Mini first aid pack with you, and if you are alone in nature, a survival pack is a good idea! Depending on how you want to make your trip, you should pack a map and a compass or equip yourself with a GPS device. You can find all that in our shop at reasonable prices!

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Camping tips: In these countries, camping is particularly awesome

Camping Tips Countries 1. Camping in Sweden

Do you fancy an intense adventure in untouched nature with nothing but your backpack on your back? Then off to the north! Sweden is the ultimate camping country! Thanks to the everyone’s right here, wild camping is permitted throughout the country under certain conditions.

As long as you are traveling without a car or campervan, but on foot, by bike, canoe or even on skis, wild camping is no problem. As long as you keep enough distance from houses, you can even set up camp on private property. National parks are the only exception: Before you set up your tent in a national park, you should inform yourself in advance in accordance with the applicable regulations there.

The landscape in Sweden is particularly characterized by forests, lakes and a spectacular coast. A sea kayak tour through the archipelago is particularly ingenious: during the day you are out on the water and in the evening you choose one of the small islands and spend the night where you like it best. The next morning, leave your tent site as you found it – this not only protects nature and wild animals, but also ensures that other adventurers feel just as comfortable.

Camping tips countries 2. Camping in Switzerland

Switzerland is another country in Europe in which everyone’s right applies. While the Northern European countries are known for it, you may not have had the idea that you can camp wild here too.

Wild camping is generally permitted in Switzerland, but there are a few rules that you must adhere to. Camping or lighting a fire is forbidden in all national parks and nature reserves – if you don’t stick to it, you have to face high fines!

Where wild camping is coolest, it is also allowed. In the Alps you can pitch your tent anywhere above the tree line – but it is recommended to look for prohibition signs for safety. By the way, bivouacking is not only allowed in the Swiss Alps, but generally in almost all countries. A multi-day trekking adventure, where you are not only in the untouched nature of the mountains during the day, but also at night, is an ingenious experience that you will remember for a long time.

Camping Tips Countries 3. Camping in New Zealand

If you already know our travel blog a little better, you already know that New Zealand has a firm place in our adventure hearts! The two islands are perfect for a road trip or even a trekking tour. Pure wilderness awaits you, especially on the South Island!

The best: wild tents are allowed here! Before you embark on your camping adventure, however, you should familiarize yourself with the Freedom Camping Act. It regulates where and under what conditions you can camp in New Zealand. Since this is particularly about avoiding garbage, you should only pitch your tent if there are public toilets nearby or if you are traveling with a camper who has his own water or waste water tank.

You will find ingenious game tent sites with the prescribed toilets almost everywhere on both islands. In addition, there are many shelters available, particularly on the South Island, where you can stay for free on your hike. No matter whether you camp, sleep in the huts or travel by camper – the fascinating nature of the country will delight you from the first moment!

camping under a pinon tree in the wilderness

Camping Tips Countries 4. Camping in Canada

Canada is a country of superlatives when it comes to adventure! The endless landscape, in which you sometimes don’t meet other people for days, but instead run into wild animals, is awesome and guarantees goose bumps more than once during your trip.

However, wild tents, as you know them from Northern Europe, are not allowed in Canada. However, there are exceptions to this: For example, in many areas you will find so-called “rest areas” or marked game tent sites where you can pitch your tent for one night. Camping in the National Forests is also permitted as long as you are not on private property or prohibited by signs.

The animals you can observe in the Canadian wilderness are really blatant. In addition to moose, caribou and even wolves, you should definitely prepare for the encounter with bears. There are plenty of these fascinating giants, especially in British Columbia! Before you say goodbye to the wild, find out about the bear areas at a local visitor center and get valuable tips on how to behave best when you suddenly face a grizzly.

Camping Tips Countries 5. Camping in Namibia

Would you like a road trip that you are guaranteed never to forget? Then you should make your way to Namibia! In the South West African country you will find everything that makes a great adventure: a great landscape, blatant wildlife and lots of thrills!

While in South Africa you have to face high penalties if you are caught camping, you can stay anywhere in Namibia wherever you like. Even if more and more adventurers come to camp in the country, you have to be prepared in remote areas that the locals eye you very curiously when you come up with your tent.

The only thing you need to prepare for camping in Namibia is the wild animals. After all, it can happen here that a herd of elephants or some lions suddenly come by your tent at night. There are also poisonous snakes, spiders and scorpions here, which is why you better do without a ground tent and prefer to travel with an off-road vehicle including a roof tent. However, as soon as you have spent the first night in the desert or the steppes, whether you sleep on the roof or on the floor, the many bizarre noises, the stark starry sky and especially the unique sunrise are an absolute highlight from every perspective !

Camping Tips Countries 6. Camping in the United States

A trip to the USA means pure freedom and adventure in one of the largest and most diverse countries on earth! Surely at least one of the 50 states is on your bucket list!

A road trip that takes you through several fascinating areas is particularly ingenious. Even if wild camping is not allowed in the United States, it is worth throwing your tent in the trunk. Because, unlike in most countries, you can camp almost anywhere in the country’s many ingenious national parks and reserves! The only thing you have to do is plan ahead. Only a certain number of tents are allowed in the parks per night. You also need to get a camping permit.

The ultimate road adventure in the US is a camper tour! Once from New York on the east coast through the entire country to the west coast to California and enjoy the ultimate freedom that you feel in this country from the first moment. Since camping is super popular in the States, you will find plenty of cool campsites on your route, which are usually not only very clean and spacious, but also very cheap!

Camping Tent Backpacking

Camping is more than just a means to an end!

Especially if your travel budget is not filled to the brim, camping is a cheap alternative to a hotel or AirBnB apartment. Because you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket when camping, or you can even camp for free in some countries, camping is often seen as a means to an end.

However, a trip that takes you into the untouched nature not only during the day but also at night is a real adventure! Especially in countries like Switzerland, Norway or Sweden, where wild camping is allowed, you have the opportunity to perceive the wilderness extremely intensely! You experience what it really means to live and survive outdoors and you get to know your environment from a side that remains hidden on many other adventures.

What are you waiting for? Pack your tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat and set off on your next tent adventure!

Where was the last time you camped? Maybe you still have some practical camping tips in store?

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