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Top 13 camping hacks - the best tips for a camper or tent holiday

When vacationing in a motorhome or tent, you usually have to forego the advantages of generous equipment like at home. In order to enjoy your vacation carefree and relaxed, there are little tips and tricks that make your vacation in a motorhome really relaxed and successful all round. We have put together 13 ingenious camping hacks for you, which are guaranteed to simplify life in the tent, camper or caravan.

Camping-Hack 1: tension ropes as all-rounders

Admittedly, tension ropes are not really new as indispensable camping equipment. But they are so versatile that they don’t want to go unmentioned. Because especially on a camper vacation they can be real lifeguards! You can use it to fix loose things and luggage for the trip, build a makeshift curtain rod and kitchen roll holder or combine several to form a clothesline!

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Camping-Hack 2: Firelighters for on the go

You have a nice fire pit, firewood is also easy to find, but the fire lighter is missing or you don’t want to carry a sack of charcoal? In case there is the ultimate trick: take an empty egg carton and place a charcoal briquette in each compartment. With this simple packaging, the cozy evening around the campfire is guaranteed. This is particularly practical when hiking or cycling.


Camping hack 3: sage on the fire against mosquitoes and vermin

When it comes to campfires, the next hack comes right away. In the evening it is nice to socialize, but the mosquitoes and other insects make life difficult for you? Burn some sage! The smoke will keep the little bloodsuckers away.

Camping Hack 4: Prepare baking mixes or cakes at home

No desire to load all sorts of baking ingredients into the galley, but shouldn’t you miss the morning pancakes or stick bread on your camping trip? Prepare baking mixes at home, to which you only have to add a few wet ingredients. Or is it supposed to be a cake with coffee, but you haven’t rented any of the luxurious motorhomes that are equipped with an oven? You can easily prepare cakes in a glass. For this you bake small cakes in mason jars, which means they are preserved straight away. They last a long time and are quickly at hand when the cravings hit on vacation.


Camping-Hack 5: Clamping rod in the shower for extra storage space

If you stand on a beautiful campsite with good sanitary facilities, the shower is often unused during the camper vacation. Storage space in the camper, on the other hand, is often in short supply. Hang a size adjustable clamp in the shower and you have an additional wardrobe.

Camping-Hack 6: Cold water and cold packs with one flap

You have a long hike in the sunshine ahead of you and don’t want to do without chilled food and drinks, or have you rented a van with minimal equipment? If you do not have cold packs with you, just put full water bottles in the freezer (in the motorhome or in the public area at the campsite). The frozen bottles serve as cold packs for your cool box. At the same time, you have ice-cold water for when the contents of the bottle are gradually melting.

Cooler box

Camping-Hack 7: marking tape for fun and security

When traveling in a camper, being close to nature and wilderness is one of the most enticing aspects. Of course, you don’t want to get lost when exploring the area. You can use excellent biodegradable marking tape for this. Then no hiker is lost. Are you traveling with children? Then go on a scavenger hunt! This is always a highlight for the little ones and hardly any equipment is required for fun.

Camping Hack 8: Campfire Popcorn Made Easy

If the snack attack comes, this hack will quickly remedy the situation. All you need is a piece of aluminum foil and a handful of corn. Take a generous piece of aluminum foil that offers enough space for the popped corn kernels and seal it with the corn inside. With a little salt or sugar, the snack becomes salty or sweet. Off to the grill or the embers of the fire and you can enjoy fresh popcorn!


Camping-Hack 9: shower cap for muddy shoes

You were on a beautiful, long hike through the almost untouched nature and now you should continue with the motorhome. There is only one problem: where to go with the completely muddy shoes during transport? You can use shower caps for this. You put them on the dirty treads until the mud has dried and you can knock them off easily.

Camping-Hack 10: Worn clothes in wet shoes

When it comes to footwear, we have the next tip: If the shoes are soaked, you can stuff them with worn clothing. It quickly absorbs the moisture and soon the feet are quickly dry again.

Travel list

Camping-Hack 11: Don’t forget the packing list!

Not necessarily a hack, but a tip that always comes in handy: use a packing list! Before you go on vacation in the motorhome, there is often stress and you will forget some things. So that you don’t have to be annoyed, you can stick to such a list and keep a cool head when packing your suitcase.

Camping-Hack 12: bowl of water against the ant invasion

Anyone who is in nature gets to deal with all inhabitants of the wilderness. Because where the forest is, small crawling animals are not far. The cozy breakfast can then be quickly sabotaged by an ant invasion. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided. Place a bowl of water under each table leg and the little fellows stay away from the jam.


Camping-Hack 13: dry shampoo for longer freshness

When camping, you don’t always have the opportunity to take extensive showers and wash your hair – especially if they are quite long. In such cases, dry shampoo is the little helper that makes you look extra fresh for a few days. Incidentally, there is even an environmentally friendly variant for the Zero Wast Camping Trip. Take some cornstarch and apply it to the hairline with a brush. Dark haired people can just add some cocoa powder. Practical and affordable at the same time!

It is mostly years of experience that make experienced campers true experts. With these tips, newcomers are also well equipped for the next camping holiday. Rent a motorhome from Campanda now and try the hacks yourself soon!

We hope you enjoy your next camping trip! Just write us your personal camping hacks.