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Start Making Money With Your Content

Do you want to earn money with us? Is camping your hobby and you want to write about your experiences or produce video content? We are constantly looking for new talents to produce new content for our website, We would be happy if we receive unique content from you and can embed this content on our blog or in our YouTube channel.

If you have a good idea, feel free to contact us and we can discuss everything in detail.

Blog posts

We are constantly looking for new articles that we can publish in our blog. If you like to write long and exciting texts, you are welcome to produce for us on the subject of camping and outdoor content. It is best to have a look at our blog posts that have already been published, so you can see what we like to publish on our site.

Every contribution you send to us has to be 100% unique! The text may not be published on other websites. We will review every submitted contribution and check for duplicated content.

We check every submitted text for duplicated content and plagiarism! We use this tool for example.

We check every blog post before it is published and then decide whether it meets our quality standards. The publication cannot be guaranteed.

Please visit our blog section, so you can get an idea of what kind of content we are searching for!

Video content

If you enjoy producing videos, the videos should be about camping and the outdoors. The name or Campers-Shop should be mentioned in every video.
The video must be 100% unique. The video must have been created by yourself. The video may only be published on our YouTube channel. By sending the video data to us, you assign all rights and copyrights to us.
We check every video before it is published and then decide whether it meets our quality requirements. Publication cannot be guaranteed.


What Are we looking for?

  • Blog Articles
  • YouTube Video Content

How much do we pay for content?

Blog articles:

<1000 Words: 15 USD

1000-2000 Words: 30 USD

2000> Words: 45 USD

Video Content

up to 10 minutes: 50 USD

Over 10 minutes: 70 USD

It depends on the type of content and the quality!

Learn how to write an exelent blog post that we want to publish on our website and that can make you a good income.

> How to Write an Awesome Blog Post <<

Would you rather produce a video for us and earn money that way? Be creative! Find exciting topics in the field of camping and outdoors!

How To Make A Killer YouTube Video <<

We reserve the right to reject submitted content if it does not meet our quality requirements!

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“A good way to get an extra income”

For several years I have been writing blog posts for The payment is really good and fast. I have specialized in outdoor activities.
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How do you get your money from us?

After we have checked your content and we have put it online on our platform, youtube or blog, you will immediately receive the money from us. We have different options to send you your money. We can send you the money via PayPal, we can pay you the money in Bitcoin or we can transfer the money to your bank account. There is no withdrawal limit with us!