How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Camper-van?

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Campervan in the United States?

– For class A Campervans: $175-$275 per night if it is over ten years older, and $350-$450 per night if it is newer. – For class B: $100-$200 per night if ten years or older, and $200-$350 per night if newer. – For class C: $150-$200 per night if ten years or older, and $225-$400 per night if newer. – Travel Trailer: $50-$125 per night if ten years or older, and $125-$200 per night if newer. – Fifth Wheel: $60-$150 per night if ten years or older, and $150-$300 per night if newer.

Travel Tips before you Rent a Campervan

Passengers: Before renting a Campervan you have to look out for the number of passengers that can sleep in it. Some Campervans can only sit two people legally. If you are more than two, then get a Campervan that sits more than 2. – Transmission: Most Campervans are manual transmission. Before renting a Campervan, check whether it is a manual or automatic transmission. It would be sad for you to arrive to pick up your Campervan only to realize that you cannot drive it. If you can drive a manual transmission, then go for it. If you can’t, get an automatic transmission. – License Requirements: Make sure you have all the license requirements before renting out a Campervan. You should have your primary driver’s license if you are traveling within the United States and an international driver’s license if you are traveling abroad. Ensure you research state laws on license requirements before traveling.

Places To Visit with your Campervan in the United States

Death Valley National Park, Nevada: This National Park sounds ominous, but it is one of the places in America with a spectacular view. This park is in Nevada near the California border and has a little over 3 million acres of mountainside and desert. Apart from the large expanse of desert in Death Valley, you can find towering peaks of mountains frosted with snow in the winter months. – Yosemite National Park, California: This park is in the Sierra Mountains of northeast California. It is one of the most desired travel destinations in America. Its landscapes span a distance of 1200 Miles, where renters can hike its lush meadows and deep valleys to photograph its jaw-dropping waterfalls and seemingly endless wilderness. – Crater Lake, Oregon: Crater Lake formed over 7,000 years ago after a violent volcanic eruption. This place showcases the biggest lake in the United States and the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range. Note that camping is not available in all the months, as the weather gets too harsh for camping in some months.

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