What are the 10 essentials for camping?

Camping is one of the best hobbies there is. When you are outside in nature and there is nothing else around you, no cities, no houses, no other people far and wide. So you can really feel connected to nature. I can only recommend you to drive outside of the cities in areas that are not so overcrowded and where you will meet few people. Whether you go camping alone, with friends or your family, camping is always fun.

But camping naturally also requires a lot of preparation. Unfortunately, you can’t just drive off like that. Of course, you need the most necessary camping equipment beforehand in order to be able to fully enjoy camping.

A visit to the nearest supermarket or an extensive shopping trip on the internet is worthwhile. It’s also not fun without the necessary camping equipment. In order to be able to fully enjoy the little camping holiday you have to set up your camp in the forest or on the meadow. Then you also need something to eat for the weekend, if you haven’t just packed your fishing rod and want to fish yourself. Not to mention the necessary clothing, you never know how cold it is in the morning or whether it will be very warm at noon.

Here I would like to introduce you to my top 10 camping essentials that you must never forget and that are essential for a successful camping trip. Of course, there are many more things that you can take with you, but these 10 things are at least enough to survive outdoors in nature.

  1. Sleeping bag
    In order to spend a good and cozy night outdoors in nature, you of course need a good and comfortable sleeping bag. Of course, it depends on what time of year you want to go camping. If you want to go camping in winter or autumn, you need a sleeping bag that is as warm as possible and that warms you properly at night and stores body heat. But if you go camping in the summer, for example, then you should rather buy a slightly lighter sleeping bag, otherwise, it can quickly happen that you get much too warm at night. In the meantime, however, there are also sleeping bags from different suppliers where you can remove the warming material and use the sleeping bag in summer. You should also think of a suitable mat. An air mattress or a real sleeping pad are especially important if you pitch your tent on stony ground. Otherwise, it can be very uncomfortable when you are woken up at night by sharp stones under your head or under your body.
  2. Tent

A tent is of course the most important thing when camping, you have to be able to sleep somewhere safe and protected. With a tent it always depends on how many people you are with. If you go to camping alone, of course, a 1-2 person tent is sufficient. But if you go to the camping weekend with your family, you need a tent that is suitable for several people and is of sufficient size. You don’t want to lie on top of each other while sleeping! It is also important that you pay attention to the quality of the tent, it should be waterproof and have ventilation so that enough oxygen can get into the tent. When buying a tent, pay attention to the material and the floor of the tent. The tent floor is stressed a lot when you pitch your tent on stony ground, for example. You don’t want the tent to be damaged immediately.

What I personally find very interesting at the moment are roof rack tents for cars or trucks. There, the tent is firmly mounted on the car roof and you can easily set it up on arrival. Another advantage of these roof rack tents is that you don’t have to sleep directly on the floor. This means that even the cold from the ground cannot come to you and you can also avoid sharp stones.

3. Food / drinks

You have to eat something during your camping weekend. Or you hunt yourself or catch fish in the stream yourself. But what if your hunting equipment is broken or the fish in the river just don’t want to bite? So plan so that you always have enough to eat. Water and your favorite beer are also very important. Without water, humans cannot survive long. And drinking the water from the river is not very recommendable either. Our bodies today are no longer used to dealing with the bacteria that cavort in the river. But of course you can take water from the river and boil it beforehand to make it drinkable. With food it is also important that you always pay attention to the correct cooling. For example, if you take sausages or meat with you to camping, please make sure that they are always well cooled, otherwise bacteria can form that make you sick. So it’s best to take a cool box with you in which you can stow everything. And if you take meat with you, for example, and camp in an area where there are bears or other wild animals, for example, make sure that you never store the food directly in the warehouse. It is best if you hang your food on a tree a little further away, so that bears or larger predators cannot get there. Make sure that the food is hermetically sealed, otherwise the smell of meat or other delicacies can quickly attract bears or wild animals. And we don’t want a bear knocking on your tent at night!

4. Flashlight

A good flashlight is also one of the most important things you need when camping. In nature or in the forest it can get very dark very quickly. So it is important that you always have enough light. Make sure that you always have spare batteries or a way to recharge your flashlight. Another good option is to buy a torch with a built-in rechargeable battery and then take a solar charging station with you. So you always have electricity in your warehouse and can charge your devices during the day. A flashlight also helps you to draw attention to yourself in dangerous situations if you get into a threatening situation. So I can only recommend that you always have a good flashlight in your pocket.

5. Emergency kit / phone

You should always have an emergency aid box in your car or in your tent. Something can easily happen, you trip over a stone or cut yourself on your knife, or worse. It would be fatal if you had no way of stopping the bleeding or of putting on a bandage. I recommend you have at least two first aid kits with you and keep them in different places in your warehouse. Of course, you should always have a first aid kit with you when you go on hikes during the day. If something happens to you on the way and you are still far from camp, you have to be able to help yourself somehow. It is also recommended that you take important medication with you, such as headache tablets or an antibiotic which can help you with worse injuries.

6. Gas cooker

If you don’t want to give up the luxury of civilization entirely, I can only recommend you to take a good gas stove with you. You can prepare food there, boil water or make your coffee in the morning. What would camping be without a fresh coffee in the morning? Make sure that the gas cartridge is always well filled and it is best to take a replacement cartridge with you. But now there are also small stoves to buy with which you can also make a small fire and, for example, make your coffee in the morning. Now you have to remember to take the most necessary dishes and pots with you. You have to fry your food or prepare your coffee somewhere in there. It is enough if you buy cheap camping crockery and it doesn’t matter if it gets a few scratches or a few dents.

7. Knife / multitool

You always have to have a knife or a multitool with you. How else would you like to cut your sausage into small pieces or open a bottle or can. It can also be important that you have a knife with you, for example to cut branches and trees to build your camp or to get firewood. A knife can also be used for defense. But always make sure that you have a high quality knife and multitool with you. I can only recommend from my own experience to have several knives with you and to deposit them in different places in your warehouse. You always have to have a knife with you on your hikes. It can serve you well in an emergency.

8. Map or GPS

If you are not in your camp, you will definitely go on an extended hike in nature or in the mountains. But it can quickly happen that you get lost, especially in areas in which you are not very familiar. So always take a good map of the region and a compass with you. But if you are not that good with a map, I can recommend a GPS device. These GPS devices are no longer expensive and are relatively easy to use. If you buy a GPS device, it is best to try it out at home and familiarize yourself with its functions and settings.

Always remember major points in the landscape, large trees, large mountains, etc … This can also be very helpful when navigating back to your camp.

9. Enough clothes

It is very important that you always pack enough clothes and shoes. What if it rains and your clothes and shoes are wet. Spending the day in wet clothes or shoes is no fun and can quickly lead to a cold. Therefore, always pack enough clothes that you can change in an emergency.

10. Toilet paper

It might sound banal, but toilet paper is one of the most important things when camping, but it is always forgotten at home. You don’t want to use leaves or bathe in the lake or river every time. So toilet paper is always part of the basic equipment when camping and doesn’t take up much space in your luggage. Even if you set off on a hike in the morning, you should always pack a roll or two of toilet paper in your backpack!

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