Whirlpools for indoor and outdoor

When it gets really cold and uncomfortable, you are looking forward to an own whirlpool. The cold days you can best enjoy with a luxury whirlpool. We offer whirlpools here for the inside and outdoor area. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury at home, you work so hard, you deserve it!

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Are you looking for an outdoor whirlpool that you can place outside in the garden or on your terrace or an indoor whirlpool in the form of a bathtub? Then you have come to the right place at Campers-Shop. With us you can buy your outdoor whirlpool incl. Cover for 3, 4, 5, or 6 people at a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can also find your luxury indoor whirlpool, both as a free-standing, round or rectangular version.


Our new 4 series is characterized by a modern, innovative design and numerous configuration options. On the one hand, all pools are available as plug & play. This version is aimed at users who want it easy. So you can simply put the pool on the terrace and plug the plug into a 110V or 220V socket. The Eco version also offers 40mm insulation, energy-saving pumps, a web module with which you can control the pool while on the move, our ambient lighting package and much more. Since these models are produced in very high numbers and in only one color as standard, we also offer an unbelievably good price.

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Order Outdoor Whirlpools at Campers Shop Online

There is nothing more beautiful than after a long and hard working day in the evening in a pleasant atmosphere in a whirlpool, let the soul dangle – whether in the garden or on the terrace. Already in the 16th century, British tourists Spas visited, the name of the facility derives from a Belgian seaside resort called Spa. To date, the relaxing bath has lost none of its charm in an outdoor whirlpool, with more and more people going to do not specify a well-named stamp. Especially after the use of a sauna or a steam shower, there is nothing more relaxing than to rise in its own indoor or outdoor whirlpool. Further information about Foreign Whirlpools can be found in our Guide Whirlpools.

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An outdoor whirlpool for the soul

Stress makes you sick, depressed, and unhappy. How good that a whirlpool has been proven to be a good alternative to expensive medical-therapeutic treatment methods, as the bubbling air bubbles soothe your overstimulated nerves, get you out of stress and give you the prospect of a relaxing evening. Design your outdoor whirlpool as a small wellness oasis to recharge your batteries for the next day. We look forward to working with you to find the ideal whirlpool for you. We have a choice, so you are welcome to browse our online shop and buy your dream pool directly online.

Relaxation in your new outdoor or indoor whirlpool

Hasn’t it been your dream for a long time to have an outdoor whirlpool set up in your own garden, in which you would like to get fit for the day in the morning – or after a strenuous day to enjoy the evening in gently bubbling water? – What could be nicer than taking such an exclusive bath in the open air … Close your eyes and hear the birds sing, smell the scents of the flowers around you, feel the light wind on your skin – and feel the warm, bubbling water caressing your body. Do you want to miss this any longer? – Take a look around our online store, you are guaranteed to find the right whirlpool there!

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buy a cheap whirlpool online

Pure luxury - at low prices

Can you imagine sitting in your outdoor jacuzzi on your terrace or in the garden and having a good time? – During the day in the sun, in the evening with lighting that works in a wide variety of colors like color light therapy on your state of mind and thus also ensures relaxation and a good mood. The countercurrent system in your swim spa will also give you a light massage and caress your body and soul for total relaxation. So you can spend every evening outside if you want. Whether in the middle of the garden or on your terrace. But we also have great indoor whirlpools. We offer you various solutions in our shop.

fall in love with your own whirlpool

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Romantic Interlude

SPAs and Whirlpools stimulate the senses in a variety of ways. The relaxing whirlpool creates the perfect atmosphere for love - you can let yourself go and exchange tenderness.

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Create your own personal vacation spot

You don't have to travel to a luxury holiday resort when you have a nice holiday ambience and a hot tub in your own garden. Then you can go on vacation every day!

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Magical massages

Regardless of whether you are in the mood for gentle caresses or a powerful massage - the jets of the whirlpool spoil you with a more pleasant massage than any masseuse. Whenever you want!

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Flexible in design

With a wide variety of tub colors and exterior cladding, a portable spa can be optically customized - so that it harmonizes perfectly with the architectural characteristics of your home.

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Fixed family ritual

Introduce a regular whirlpool, where all family members can meet in the whirlpool and talk about the experiences of the day, world events or God and the world.

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Easy care

Modern hot tubs require little maintenance. The tub surfaces and synthetic exterior panels are designed in such a way that they hardly require any more maintenance than wiping them with a damp cloth.

Relax in your own whirlpool

Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury for your home, you deserve it!

Whirlpool buy in the campers shop online shop

Buy whirlpool – many combine whirlpools with luxury and wellness. The pool ensures a pleasant and relaxing massage bath and can be installed either indoors and outdoors. Most know such a whirlpool from the holiday or from the spa. But it is also quite possible to install a private pool at home.

Campers-Shop offers a selection of whirlpool models in the shop, which offer well for this purpose. In the store, you will find different alternatives that differ by size or function. You can buy online whirlpools that are suitable for outdoor and indoor and at the same time benefit from our mounting service, with which we will gladly support you when installing the pool.

Buy luxurious whirlpool for home

Whirlpools are special pool plants that provide an integrated seat and provide integrated nozzles for the massage effect. Through the combination of heat and bubbling water, the body is revitalized and revitalized and muscles can relax. The pools are often tailored to several people and offer a lot of space.

Even whole groups can therefore enjoy the bubble bath and relax together. Optionally indoors or outdoors, because whirlpools can be purchased as an indoor and outdoor version at Campers-Shop.com . The decision ultimately depends on where you would like to enjoy your relaxing bath. We also like to offer comprehensive advice around our whirlpool assortment to simplify the decision.

Buy whirlpool for outdoor and indoor use

Whirlpools basically have their own charm. Many value the flexibility offering the facilities and combining everyday use and comfort. For example, whirlpools for the interior are comparable to an ordinary tub. They are only different with regard to the integrated whirlpool function so as not only to enjoy the full bath but also the massage bath with water bubbles.

The whirlpools for outdoor use, however, are comparable to the models that can be known from the spa and swimming pool. Here is a vacation feeling and at the same time, the model is tailored to the use in the outdoor area and processed accordingly. Ultimately, the question arises which variant is more likely to give them. It is always apparent that all whirlpools have their appeal you can buy at Campers-Shop.

Buy Indoor Whirlpool – Different models available

An indoor whirlpool is practically a combination of bath and pool with function. Do you like to take full baths, but want extra features? Then our indoor whirlpools that you can buy in the shop could certainly be the right choice. Here we offer compact corner trays and luxurious large whirlpools, which are freestanding or integrated directly in the bathroom.

Details such as lighting and transparent tub ensure a beautiful modern design and additionally convince the indoor whirlpools through your everyday use. Easy-care, robust materials ensure carefree pool pleasure. The nozzle function to achieve the whirlpool feeling, of course, should not be missing. We complement our hot tubs with high-quality fittings and other details. A special feature additionally put our senior bathtubs with whirlpool function in view.

These are age-appropriate bathtubs that guarantee you in high-age comfort and wellness while bathing. Is it difficult for you to decide for a pool in the face of our versatile assortment? Of course we will gladly help you.

Outdoor whirlpool – massage bath under the open sky

A very special charm is outdoor whirlpools in view, which can be installed directly in the terrace area and the garden. The only requirement is sufficient space. Then nothing should be in the way of the dream of your own pool in the garden. At Campers-Shop you will find different models in the store, which are intended for outdoor use. These differ in terms of space, size, and function.

The processing is correspondingly robust to meet the requirements in the outdoor area. That is, the pool can also be used in different weather. Details such as lighting, variable nozzle settings, and heating help you feel in the garden as on vacation. Many of our hot tubs are also supplied with accessories.

For example, with stairs to simplify entry or with covers. The accessories can also be purchased separately.

Set up the wellness oasis

The whirlpool for inside or outside is the first right step in the direction of setting up your own wellness oasis at home. We offer you at Campers-Shop but also more wellness furniture that can be built and leveraged home well. At the center, especially saunas and infrared cabins you can order in the store. The own sauna at home guarantees you to saun and relax and relax when you want that. And without having to share the sauna with others.


Whirlpools can also be suitable for everyday use. Many people think of such pools primarily as large systems that require an unnecessarily large amount of work in terms of maintenance and cleaning. At Campers-Shop.com, however, we make sure to offer you models that you can use in everyday life without any restrictions. This is especially true of the indoor hot tubs that you can buy.

These are suitable for bubble baths as well as for simple bubble baths, depending on your mood. The easy-care materials make cleaning much easier, and there are also clearly laid out control panels so that the required settings can be made without complications. The goal is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable hot tub experience that will convince critics. We will certainly succeed with our models, which of course also includes the outdoor whirlpools.


Buy a whirlpool: With a whirlpool, you can fulfill a long-cherished dream. A private pool in the garden or an indoor whirlpool can be a real asset to everyday comfort. No matter whether you want to set up the pool directly in the garden or prefer to opt for a whirlpool tub that is suitable for everyday use.

Enjoy the invigorating bubble bath and look forward to being able to simply bring the wellness oasis home.

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