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Why Camping and Outdoor Activities Matters

A literature review conducted by Harper (2017)1 highlighted positive therapeutic potential outcomes associated with outdoor adventure for families, youth, and children. The literature review explores wilderness therapy, therapeutic camping, and adventure. This means outdoor activities and camping should be considered part of family time activities for all families across the globe.

Several reasons why camping matters?

Fun and Reflection

Whether it is site seeing in the mountainside, adventure into the woods, or watching river flows down the valley, the feeling of having a conversation with your loved one is unmatched. It creates anecdotes of memories with your family members, brings the family together, and opens up conversations that bring everyone to understand each other. Family time is irreplaceable, and what more important is spending quality time with family exploring nature or having a great adventure through hiking

Life is a journey, and it is during happy times that one can reflect more after a storm. If life has thrown a curveball in your life and the weight of the situation keeps wearing you down, having a getaway with your family and friends will enable you to reflect on your journey. The adventure may spark a conversation with a friend, colleague, or partner and help you clear your mind. And this may be on a drink around a campfire or a cool canopy in the wilderness with beautiful melodies of flier birds. It changes your view that the birds are laughing at you to there are singing for you. Yes, take your sadness away by camping in the national forest and exploring nature.

Discovery and Perspective

It is always good to carry a camera since you might not know what cool or informative moment or seen you might capture in your grand adventure. You might get lost in the woods, and in the process of looking for your way out, you may encounter informative adventures and help you add to your knowledge base. Later you might write how to survive in the woods or my experiences camping, and all the information may help someone else plan properly for their next adventure.

After having good times and reconnecting with the family members, a happy place is created that helps change and form a better perspective on what matters to them.

According to- James Deacon-, what you see depends not only on what you look at but also on where you look from”

And when you are in a happy place in life, your mind gets clear on what to major on and what to minor on, and that’s perspective!

Mental Health

As earlier mentioned and as the article has highlighted so far, it is clear that outdoor camping, nature exploration, hiking, getaway, or adventurous forest camping all contribute to improved mental health. You have cleared your mind, helped your families and friends create new memories, helped everyone decongest their mental burden, hence increasing their productivity. One is able to focus their energy and time on what really matters and ignore what does not add value in their lives.

Glen Close posits that mental health needs more sunlight, more candour, and a less judgmental atmosphere.”

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